The America’s Got Talent Season 8 auditions are back tonight on NBC, even though all the focus is on The Voice Season 4 Finale! Before that airs, you can watch Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B make their way to Chicago for more auditions on America’s Got Talent 2013. The preview looks like we might see some interesting acts tonight, in the shorter version of AGT 2013! Check it out and then come back tonight to watch with us during our America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

Last week on AGT Season 8, we saw some amazing singers take the stage and we had a little battle of the opera singers in one episode! Travis Pratt and Jonathan Allen both impressed the judges with their operatic voices, but will their talent continue to shine in Las Vegas? Both had amazing stories to go along with their performances, but can they be topped or was that their peak?

Tonight the talent seems to be everything but singers, so a welcome change from last week. Who doesn’t love seeing an old man lift weights? Check out the sneak peek below and come back for our Live Recap later tonight:

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