The pressure is about to get bigger on America’s Got Talent 2013, as the auditions on AGT Season 8 have come to an end and we now find Nick Cannon, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel making their way to Las Vegas to see who moves on to Radio City Music Hall and who goes home on AGT 2013! Some amazing talent has come across the stage during the AGT auditions 2013, but now they must be cut in half and the judges will be struggling to do that! Come watch it with us during our America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap and see who moves on with us!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

Last week was the first time this season, but NBC has started airing America’s Got Talent 2013 twice a week in anticipation of the live shows starting next week! The America’s Got Talent auditions 2013 wrapped up and we have seen a ton of singers this season, right? Are we preparing ourselves for a singer to win AGT Season 8?

I am not sure, but we have also seen some amazing dance crews audition and the kids have been showcasing their talents this season. How can these kids be so talented at such a young age? We’ll see if they can handle the pressure in Vegas Week on AGT 2013 as my Live Recap will be starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap or see the videos of Vegas Week on America’s Got Talent Season 8? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the acts are headed to the airport and on their way to Vegas. Nick Cannon talks with the acts and the judges are looking over their first auditions. They have 60 spots to fill: some of them will go right to Radio City Music Hall, some will go directly home and some will perform again to fill the remaining spots!

The judges are having some disagreements over who to send and who to send home and so on. We’ve seen everything from country singers to opera singers to dancing kids and now they have made some decisions.

They call out a large group of the acts and they want to see them all perform again and half will make it to NYC and the other half will go home!

Talent Selection ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

Now some quick decisions of the other acts who are going straight through and going home. If you can remember them, then so be it. They are giving us no names, but we do see some no’s go out to Sully Dunn and Milton Patton! The military wifves choir makes it through and Angela Hoover makes it and some other comedians. We also get to see more of the Struck Boyz and Branden James and the 3-D dancing group.

1st Results ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

It is a new day and 30 acts made it through yesterday and now 30 more remaining acts will make it through. The acts are split in groups and up first is the Danger Acts!

David Ferman is juggling over 26.5 million volts of electricity. He gets up on a unicycle and in the middle of a ring of stun guns! He screws this up and he is dead! Howard said he has ideas, but he is a talent that has no showmanship!

David Ferman, Danger Acts ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

Brad Byers is next and he puts out some burning flame with his tongue! Then he sticks some metal rod hook through his nose and out his mouth and then pulls Nick Cannon and another person on a wagon with the hook in his nose!!! What just happened??? Howie said he kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Brad Byers, Danger Acts ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

Now Alexandr Magala just flings a sword down his throat and flings around on a pole. He goes to the top and slides down!!!! Screams come, but did he stop in time??? He survived and Heidi said that is a little buts.

Alexandr Magala, Danger Acts ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

Sam Johnson was the guy who climbed to the top of the tall pole and scared us outside, but now he starts a top hat on fire and wears it and then pours gas all over his head and then rides a unicycle on a wire and juggles fire. The judges question if he has more though.

Red Panda hurt her back during the week, but she goes on and gets on that unicycle to fling bowls on her head. She screws up with two bowls, but then nails five bowls! She gets emotional afterwards and we will probably be seeing her go home on America’s Got Talent 2013, right? Her act was not different than her initial audition!

Now we have the Bands taking the stage on AGT 2013 and Forte is first and I am over them. They were three guys that just met and singing together for the first time on their initial audition. Now right before Vegas, one of their guys dropped out and they have a new guy and are singing together “for the first time.” I want them to go home! Howard said the new guy makes the other two look weak.

Brandon & Savannah are a brother/sister duo and they sang their own song in their initial audition and now they will sing a cover, which is not their normal thing to do. They still have good voices and I like them.

American Hitmen had an amazing story and a great audition to being with, but then they come out in Vegas and a little lacking in my mind. It seemed boring and I was disappointed. Anyone else?

Now we have the Variety category on America’s Got Talent 2013. Up first is 2Unique and I was not impressed with the rapper before, but the DJ is awesome and Mel B said they should be the DJ up front and I agree! Now we are just moving through the performances, as we see Lil Demon and Melody Caballero do some quick dancing and stunt. It is a battle of brother and sister dancers, as the brother is first and D’Angelo & Amanda do an amazing job together and it is so crazy to see them dance like this and be so young! His sister Ruby & Jonas went up next and she drops in the middle and starts crying afterwards, but they are good dancers. You know only one of them will make it though!

Variety Acts ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

We now get to see the Comedy category, as Jimmy Failla takes the stage and he rushes through it and it was kind of rough. I think the no audience screwed him over. Eric Schwarz aka Smooth E and he has a whole act going down and he worked with the judges and I liked him. Taylor Williamson is next and he is so awkward, but I love this guy when he is just talking and interacting with the judges. He was funny and the judges loved him! John Wing is next and he gets some laughs and Howard seems to enjoy him.

Comedians ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

Bring on the Dance category on America’s Got Talent 2013! I loved Hype after their first audition, but I think they lacked a little tonight. It seemed more together the first time, but this was more just random. Howard did not like it, but Mel B and Howie loved it.

Art Spark had the judges torn during their Chicago audition and now want to impress them all.It was cute and the song was funny, but I was a little bored by them.

Now time for some solo dancers, as Kid the Wiz comes out and flings his hat around a little, but he drops the hat in the middle, but he still has some moves. I think he had too many mistakes though.

I love a good animated dancer and Dylan Wilson did very well on his first audition, but then he comes out and it doesn’t seem as entertaining! Are the nerves getting to these dancers or are they one-hit wonders???

Can you say Acrobats category time on AGT 2013? Tavi & Antonio are first and they they lacked a little and had a little screwup in the middle. “Accro” Brandon Rossario and Mel B thought he had too much circus acts in there. Duo Resonance has added a new spinning element and this is their first time trying it out and it looked great. Timber Brown is next and I loved his audition, but will it continue in Vegas? He adds a second pole and his skills are awesome! He shows some amazing body strength and I loved it! KriStef Brothers stripped to their underwear during their audition and now they come out in these spandex outfits and they are not flattering, but they fill them out nicely! They are funny guys and make it funny, but they have some awesome stunts. Howie asks if the comedy takes away from the skills? Howard likes the comedy though.

Acrobats Category ~ AGT 2013 Vegas Week by HumanSlinky

We know get to see the Female Singers. Deanna DellaCioppa is first and wowed us with her audition, but then comes out and has some issues hearing the song and makes them start over. Now they have to work on the audio and she is sent backstage.

Skilyr Hicks brings her guitar out and sings another good song, but she seems emotionless and I am not sure. Selena Mykenzie Gordon is only 15 years old, but has such a mature voice. Why didn’t they show her during auditions???

We continue with Cami Bradley, who has been singing her whole life, but never thought of auditioning for a show like this. She switches it up and sits behind the piano for this performance. Her voice is amazing and a solid performance.

Deanna is back and the technical problems have been fixed and she gets another chance! I think she has such a huge voice and it was very good. Howie didn’t think the nerves served her well, but Howard disagreed.

That is it for Night 1 of Vegas Week on America’s Got Talent 2013! Who was your favorite in Vegas so far?

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