The live shows on America’s Got Talent 2013 kicked off last week on NBC and it was time for the first 12 acts of the Top 60 on America’s Got Talent Season 8 to take the stage and let America vote for their favorites on AGT 2013. When the week was done, we have four acts moving on to the semifinals and eight acts heading home on America’s Got Talent 2013. We have 12 new acts taking the stage tonight to win over your votes, so come watch with us during our America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

Last week on AGT 2013, the 12 acts performed their hearts out at Radio City Music Hall and only to find out that eight of them would be going home. I have determined two things from the first week of the Quarterfinals on AGT Season 8:

  1. Collins Key is a great magician and his tricks are amazing, but he was coming off a little too cocky for me during the results show and I am not a fan of that!
  2. The KriStef Brothers do some amazing tricks and their strength and humor is great, but is it enough to win the whole competition?

The action continues tonight on AGT 2013, as we get to see 12 more acts take the stage and perform for our votes. The pressure in on at Radio City Music Hall, so come watch it all with us during our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our America’s Got Talent 2013 Live Recap or see the videos from Quarterfinals Week 2 on America’s Got Talent Season 8? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we are live from Radio City Music Hall and we take a look at the auditions from the 12 acts tonight. Who you excited to see tonight?

Innovative Force

Innovative Force, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

They can’t believe they are going to be performing on the same stage that The Rockettes have performed. They are mixing it up tonight and doing some dangerous tricks. It is entertaining and they have a lot going on up there on the stage, but it is worthy of Vegas show? They have potential, I’ll give them that much.

Ciana Pelekai

Ciana Pelekai, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

I am still amazed where they find these kids on America’s Got Talent 2013. How do these kids have such strong and mature voices? Ciana sings “Next To Me” by Emeli Sande and she nails it. Great voice and a good performance, but then it was nothing special at the same time. What did you think? The crowd loved it, as she got a standing ovation from Radio City Music Hall.

Alexandr Magala

Alexandr Magala, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

He is adding the most dangerous element he has tonight: fire. He said the judges were afraid while in Vegas, but tonight they will be terrified! I am not sure about the fire at the beginning, but this is some intense stuff. How he swallows a sword and then does the backflips and all is crazy! He looks to be struggling at the end, but apparently he hurt himself during the week and cut himself internally and it showed.

Struck Boys

I want to like these boys, but they are too cocky and all about the girls. Settle down, you are like 9 years old!!! I think these boys have some major talent, but they are not ready for the big time yet. They are cute, but we don’t need to be seeing your stomach when you are 10 years old! Put it away!!! They have some moves, but not there yet.

Brad Byers

Brad Byers, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

He is a small town guy and very straight-laced guy, but then he becomes Superman and his dangerous side comes out when he performs. His brother is joining him on stage tonight on AGT 2013. He will drive a 1,000-pound ATV over him as Brad lays on a bed of nails! He starts with stopping a fan with his tongue and then goes to the bed of nails! Howie said he is out of his mind! He is successful and who knows how that just happened!

Kid the Wiz

He is a dancer from the Bronx and I have not been impressed with him yet this season, so will he change my mind tonight on America’s Got Talent 2013? He screwed up in Vegas and the judges still put him through and here he is at Radio City Music Hall and he drops the hat again. Yes, he is a good dancer, but he is not the best at anything and he needs to go home!


Forte, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

They met online and sang together for the first time at their initial audition. Then in Vegas, one guy dropped out and they had to find a new guy that quickly. I am so over hearing about this stupid story and they are “getting to know each other” still and blah blah. It all seems shady to me! Now, I think they have amazing voices and sound great together and this was an awesome performance, but I just feel there is something shady with their story. Anyone agree with me?

Angela Hoover

Angela Hoover by HumanSlinky

She is a celebrity impressionist and gave up standup to stay at home with her kids and her husband got a job change. She has had this dream her whole life, so her family supports her now and she is following her dreams! She has some funny jokes, but she did amazing impressions of Heidi and Mel B and it was funny!

Dave Shirley

Dave Shirley, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

He is planning to make a whole new comedic experience for America to enjoy. His future and his family’s future depends on this 90 seconds on America’s Got Talent 2013! That performance was terrible and not entertaining at all. He removed layers of clothing and it was not funny and I was bored. What do you think?

Marty Brown

Marty Brown, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

His biggest supporter is his wife, who tricked him into coming to his AGT Season 8 audition. I guess she knew he had talent and here is now at Radio City Music Hall. I want to root for this guy, but I can’t with this performance. It sounded like karaoke at a local bar of someone who may have had a drink or two or three. He was pitchy and it was not great!


Aquanuts, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

They had one of their swimmers hurt themselves during rehearsals, so they had to redo their act and get it together in 48 hours. They did pre-record this performance and I do think it is amazing that they do this routine in heels, but it appeared sloppy and out of sync to me. I am not impressed.

Tone the Chiefrocca

Tone The Chiefrocca, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

He wrote this rhyme ten years ago and has not written another one since. He wants to be a one-hit wonder, so why in the hell is he here? I will admit that this song is catchy and they are entertaining and fun, but can they win AGT 2013 with one song the whole season? Hell no and they should have been sent home a long time ago! Best of luck to them!

That is it for tonight. I was bored tonight on America’s Got Talent 2013! Anyone else?

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