Siobhan Magnus, the girl best known for her loud screech at the end of each song, was eliminated from American Idol Season 9 tonight and I say about time.  There wasn’t much about the girl  I liked, from the way she dressed, to how she sang, to her talking back to the judges when they critiqued her.  It’s about time and good riddance.

Joining Siobhan in the bottom three were Big Mike Lynche and Casey James.  Casey James was a shocker because he was by far the best last night but people aren’t voting for the guy and I don’t understand it.  Casey fans needs to stop being complacent and start picking up the phone to vote, vote, vote!  Can you tell I’m a little biased toward Casey lol?  He is my eye candy on the show this season so let’s see if we can keep him and get him to the finale.  Are you with me America?

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