Ever since the end of American Idol Season 12 and the departure of judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson, the rumors have been swirling about who would be the new judges on American Idol Season 13. FOX has confirmed that Keith Urban would return for American Idol 2014 and it seems that confirmation is coming in on the return of Jennifer Lopez to the American Idol judges’ panel! Good move or bad move by FOX?

American Idol Season 13 Spoilers - Jennifer Lopez

Lopez’s boyfriend, Casper Smart, first spilled the beans in an interview with E! News and Us Weekly is now reporting the same thing! I don’t think the contract is finalized, but talks were the Lopez wanted to be based in Los Angeles more since her twins will be going to school and wanted a more permanent residence and not be touring the world. So, why not return to her gig at American Idol, huh?

Jennifer was a popular judge and liked by many American Idol fans. As was Keith Urban, so can they help booster the reputation of a show that lost a lot of credibility and viewers last season? The show will go back to a three judges panel and the third judge is rumored to be will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas. No confirmation on that, but Lopez was supposedly further along with signing the contract.

I guess this squashes the rumors for American Idol Season 13 that we would have an all-alumni judges panel, huh? I think that idea would have brought some excitement back to the show, more so than will.i.am. JLo might help a little and it will be fun to see Keith Urban without the drama of Nicki beside him!

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