It usually only takes about three “American Idol” audition episodes before I start going crazy wanting the real contest to start. This season is no different. I was actually entertained by the first two episodes but Wednesday night’s audition episode in Milwaukee almost put me to sleep. But then Judge Steven Tyler would scream sing and jolt me back awake.

So I was bored but who cares, right? Exactly. I’m just being whiny. There were plenty of good (and bad) things to talk about regardless of how I felt. So let’s get to it.

The good

*Scotty McCreery. This good ole boy really surprised me with his bassy voice. His type of music certainly isn’t my type of music, but it’s nice to see some country in there for a change. I guess.

*Jerome Bell. FINALLY. A standout. And a little birdie tells me he goes all the way to the Top 40. As he should. That’s not a spoiler. It’s a rumor. So believe it or not.

*Randy Jackson punches Miss America in the face. By Miss America, I mean Molly Swensen because obviously after she becomes the next American Idol, she’ll become Miss America. She’s already a Harvard grad and an intern at the White House. More on this one in “The Bad” section of his blog post.

*Scott Dangerfield. Jennifer Lopez’s favorite was also my favorite. He totally took me by surprise. He’s a geek, he’s funny and has a great attitude. And frankly, he’s a breath of fresh air. The odd thing is, he’s not showing up on anyone’s Hollywood list even though we saw him make it tonight. But since those “spoilers” are never 100 percent accurate I’ll assume the best. Go Scott!

The bad

*Steven Tyler singing along to auditions. No one has ever done this before. Sure Kara tried to sing better than contestants following auditions but never during. Stop it, Steven!

*The Justin Bieber connection. Why mention Bieber? WHY? OH wait. It’s because producers want to find the next Bieber this season. Good god, could they make it less obvious though? At one point, Ryan Seacrest said EVERY 15-year-old who auditioned got a golden ticket. Really? Wow. Sure, make a 15-year-old the next American Idol. They’ll just be even less relevant than Taylor Hicks in two years.

*Molly Swensen. Sure she’s a great singer and that’s what matters. But America will hate her. America is a jealous brood, folks. They’re going to think her cup is already full enough. If she makes it to the first phone vote, she’s out.

Update: Molly is getting a ton of Google searches. So maybe I’m wrong. What are your thoughts on her? I’d love to know!

*The “old” guys will never make it. OK, this is a weird one. There were some older guys who can really sing, but they’ll never go through because the show clearly wants a 15-year-old to win. So that’s bad. Tiwan Strong and Steve Beghun are both in their late 20s. And while they’re great singers, they’ll never make it. Sadly.

*Naima Adedap’s “sob” story. Did I really see what I just saw? Was her sob story really that she’s a janitor? Hmm. Let’s see. She’s not homeless. She’s not ill. I couldn’t believe my ears. She’s a janitor! So what! Good thing she can sing.

*Steven and Alyson Jados. That weird flirtation made me really uncomfortable. And while I’m usually a fan of the resident rocker, I hope she’s not our only option for that role.

And finally, in a category all his own is Chris Medina. At first I was annoyed with the big grand finale sob story bit. You’ll quickly learn I HATE American Idol sob stories. I was ready to hate this one, but to be honest, I was nearly left in tears. And on top of it all, he’s a great singer. He’s probably going all the way. Early call, sure. But he’ll be singing for your votes at least.

What were your thoughts? Have any favorites? Any annoyances?

See some of the standout auditions after the jump

Scott Dangerfield:

Chris Medina

Update: And by your demand, Molly Swensen

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