James Durbin

Wow. Could Wednesday’s episode of “American Idol” have contained any more sob stories? I don’t think so. I was ready to pull my hair out. But before I get all negative, let me get into the good stuff.

The good

*Stefano Langone. He has a great and unique voice and that star look. Look for him to go far. He, too, had a sob story, but it wasn’t as overplayed as some.

*Julie Zorilla. I think them calling her the potential winner of this season was a bit much, but her audition was good. She has a good voice but I could’ve done without yet another sob story and yet another version of “Summertime.” Some songs should just be banned on “Idol.” Like “Summertime.” And “Alone” by Heart.

*Steven Tyler didn’t put up with crappy singers. Finally he tells it like it is.

*James Durbin. Insane vocals. He’s like Adam Lambert only better. Yes, Lambert fans I did just say that. And it’s OK if you want to punch me for having my own opinion. I know how much you hate people having opinions. Or am I confusing Lambert fans with Taylor Hicks fans? Oh well.

*They didn’t shove a bunch of 15-year-olds down our throats.

The OK

*Clint Jun Gamboa. I thought his vocals were fine but he annoyed me. He was all over the place and his Harry Potter glasses drove me crazy. I think the judges over reacted on that one. Especially Randy Jackson.

The bad

*The potty humor. We really didn’t need that stupid opening with the fart joke or the bird crap shots. Have some class, “Idol.”

*Sob stories. Wow. I said it already, but like everyone in San Francisco had a sob story! I’m so over it!

The good/bad/unsure/aaaaagh!

*Emily Anne Reed. I had to make a special category for this girl. I really have no idea what I think. I know I was definitely annoyed with her weirdness. I’m so tired of this being weird trend. And her voice. Um. Hmm. No power. Just call Old Navy. She’d be perfect for their airy-voiced pretentious commercial songs. Just when I thought I hated her, Steven tells her to play her guitar. And she does and I like what I hear. See what I mean? She’s really confusing. I’m really confused. I’ll wait until Hollywood week to see what I really think of her.

What were your thoughts on the final night of auditions?

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