The Top 10 Guys on American Idol Las Vegas 2013 performed last night for the American Idol judges 2013, but also for America and for the first time this season, America gets to decide who goes home tonight on American Idol 2013! The pressure is on and maybe that seemed to show last night during Charlie Askew’s performance of “Mama.” Check it out below!

American Idol Las Vegas 2013 - Charlie Askew

For the first time on American Idol Las Vegas 2013, the judges were not impressed with Charlie and he got some bad reviews after his performance, which then sent him off into a bad place. He became emotional and gave a little speech about always being a happy person with a smile on his face, but he does that because he feels he has to.

Here is my question: was it all an act to gain some sympathy votes or do you think his little speech was from the heart?

I think it was pure heart and this kid does have some baggage and issues he needs to work through. Is American Idol 2013 the place for him to do that? No!!! I think it will hurt him even more because he is going to be judged even harder and people out there can be cruel! I think he is a lost kid and I hope seeing this whole process after it is done will allow him to realize people love him and his quirky ways and he can be okay with that. Here is his performance from last night on American Idol 2013:

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