“American Idol” Hollywood week Round One was even more boring than I remembered. And some weird things happened that I don’t remember noticing before. Like really really bad singers. Sure people often mess up or forget the words during Hollywood week, but flat-out terrible singers? How did some of those people even get through?

If you are going to play the game at least make sure that you remember exactly what you are doing. It’s like forgetting the rules when playing one of the popular bingo games online and not realising that your numbers have been called out and in fact you now have a full house.

Even some of the ones I liked during the first auditions weren’t as good. It was just weird to me. Any way, on to the rundown.

What caught my eye and/or ears

James Durbin. We just saw him first on Wednesday. His voice is strong but he could easily get annoying if he screams every time he sings. It’s too soon for another Adam Lambert.

Paris Tassin. I thought she blew the audition but she made it to the next round.

Scotty McCreery, Jackie Wilson and Jerome Bell. They all repeated their first audition songs, but all three are very talented and I’m glad they made it to the next round.

Tiffany Rios. Did she really make that diva statement or did I just imagine it? First she had the star nipples and now she’s a flat-out diva? Wow. And she was put through to the next round. On a mediocre audition, none the less. I guess they think she’ll make good TV. I disagree. She might be the first person I’ve ever hated this early in the competition.

Rachel Zevita. She goes on but I still don’t like her.

Brett Loewenstern. I’ve had enough of the sob story, but the boy can sing. I look for him to go Top 10 and beyond.

Victoria Huggins. I don’t like watching people’s dreams get crushed, but I’m glad I don’t have to be annoyed by her any longer.

Chris Medina. I liked him before, but I thought his audition kind of blew. At least they let him through. He’s better than his audition, I’m pretty sure.

Jacee Badeaux. His voice is flawless. Still can’t wait to see him make it to the Idol makeover.

Robbie Rosen. So far, Robbie is my favorite. I told myself I wasn’t going to fall for Idol’s teeny bopper trickery but I already have. Maybe it’s because he seems a lot older than 17.

Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks. The exes have stolen my heart. I love them both. I hope they stick around long enough to duet. They’d be amazing singing the Oscar-winning “Falling Slowly” from the movie “Once.”

Stormi Henely. Miss Teen USA got the gong. I called it.

Steve Beghun. Speaking of calling it, the old guy got the axe. Which isn’t cool since they let singers not half as good through.

Scott Dangerfield. Where was he?!? He was one of Jennifer Lopez’s favorites and mine! I hope he wasn’t disqualified or just didn’t make it. But he was featured prominently in his audition episode. Anyone know the answer?

What were your overall thoughts on Hollywood Week Round One?