I’m not sure I like seeing so much behind-the-scenes of “American Idol” Hollywood Week because we got to see a lot of ugly. I always wish I could skip Hollywood week because I’d rather not hate the entire Top 40/20/24/12/whatever it’s going to be this season.

I’m ready to talk about this so let’s get right to what stood out during Round 2 of Hollywood Week:

*The a-holes. What a bunch of nasty people. First Jordan Dorsey was a complete jerk to country boy Scotty McCreery by not even giving him a chance to join his group. Then he ditched that very group and joined Robbie Rosen’s. Jordan continued being nasty and cocky the rest of the episode.

Jordan wasn’t the only one. Another group, led by Clint Jun Gamboa, kicked Jacee Badauex to the curb. And he had a hard time finding another group. What a bunch of jerks! It’s a good thing public voting hasn’t started yet because there are a lot of people not making a very good impression on America. Clint can sing, but I’m over his attitude and his ridiculous fake glasses. Trendy much?

*Speaking of a-holes, Tiffany Rios deserves her own segment here. Last week Tiffany shocked us with her arrogant and cocky comment and tonight she learned that what she said also had an impact on her fellow contestants. NO ONE wanted to be in a group with her. And everyone refused. She ended up in a group with another girl (even though the minimum requirement is three) and their group audition completely blew. Tiffany can talk the talk, but she cannot walk the walk. She was eliminated. Hallelujah. Now I can focus all my anger and Jordan and Clint.

*Back to Jacee. That boy has the sweetest voice and clearly the sweetest personality to go with it. When he made it through to the next round he was left in tears and nearly made me cry with him. This kid is going to be wildly popular in this contest. Get ready for that.

*The stage moms. There are so many 15- and 16-year-olds and that means also a lot of mothers. Stage mothers. Aaaaagh! These aren’t the women that just sit back and let their kids’ do what they do. They intrude. They annoy. Thank goodness we won’t see them beyond Hollywood week. I hope.

*Brett Loewenstern. Still going strong. His voice is amazing. I’m glad he made it through. Definitely Top 12. I’m calling it.

*Carson Higgins. I think he might be my new favorite. I thought his stage presence and voice were amazing. He made it to the next round, but Randy Jackson seemed to make fun of him a bit and I can’t figure out why. I can’t wait to see and hear more of Carson.

*Lauren Turner and Robbie Rosen. Robbie continues to be one of my favorites, but I noticed LaurenĀ  tonight for the first time and she’s right up there with some of the best. She and Robbie were in a group together and sang the very-catchy “Forget You,” by Cee Lo Green (which seemed to be a popular song for the group round). Lauren might end up being my favorite female contestant since I don’t have one yet.

*Early favorites cut. A lot of people who have gotten a lot of screen time were let go. Including Emily Anne Reed (OK by me), Paris Tassin (big surprise), Adrienne Beasley, Rob Bolin (the exes were split up once again. Bummer!) and Emma Henry.

*Early favorites survive. Some contestants featured early have shown they have staying power. Like, Lauren Alaina, Julie Zorrilla, Naima Adedapo, Chelsee Oaks, Scotty McCreery, Chris Medina and James Durbin.

*Jackie Wilson. Did I miss her? She’s been an early favorite, but for some reason I feel like she was left out of the Round 2 coverage. Anyone know anything about her?

What were your thoughts? Too much behind the scenes? Too many mean people? Or do you think they just have to be firm when it comes to achieving their goals?