We saw things kick off last night on American Idol 2014 for Hollywood Week and the American Idol judges 2014 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) have already made some major cuts in Hollywood, but they continue tonight during the group performances on American Idol Season 13. The drama began last night, as the contestants struggled to find teams and work together to get a perfect performance for the judges on American Idol 2014. The rehearsals are done and it is time for the groups to take center stage! Follow along with us during our American Idol Hollywood Week 2014 Spoilers Recap that follows!

American Idol Hollywood Week 2014 Spoilers - Group Performances

Last night on American Idol Season 13, the 212 hopefuls packed up their stuff and all headed to Hollywood. They were bused to a hangar and surprised with a new round during Hollywood Week: Hollywood or Home! The judges wanted to see certain singers perform one more time before actually making it to Hollywood Week. Some went home and some made it through. Then it was off to the Dolby Theater and Day 1 of performances, which saw 104 of them move on to Group Night and let the drama begin!

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Our Live Recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2014 tonight!


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Here we go…it is 10:58am and time for the groups to get started. We have some group veterans, as 3 More Day takes the stage. It is Tony Foster, Jr., David Oliver Willis and Sarina Joi Crowe and they seem to have it together and lyrics are remembered! I guess doing it before helps, huh? Jennifer said they all had great moments. The judges discuss and Tony is sent home, but David and Sarina are moving on! Tony asks what he did wrong and Harry tells him he spent the whole time with his head down when he was performing, which was true. They want them to grab their attention and the audience. Very good feedback.

Now we have Backstreet Cowboys, which consists of Casey Thrasher, Dexter Roberts and Ben Briley. They have their plaid working it and do well. They are a country boy band, but Ben did get lost with the other two shining more. Keith said he loved seeing them take on something that is not in their comfort zone and make it their own and all three guys are moving on!

We see Neco Starr singing some Bruno Mars again. Does he know any other sings? George Lovett is singing with him and then it is a look at the girls taking the stage by storm, including Paula Hunt and Briana Oakley. Things are going well for these groups, as no mistakes are happening…yet! Kenzie Hall is also moving on.

Time to see Spencer Lloyd take the stage with his group. He selected a song that he knew already, but the girls did not! They want to practice, but he is saying no! Sabotage maybe? He is with Megan Miller and Alyssa Siebken and this makes me like Spencer a little less. Megan forgets some lyrics, but it was only a little snafu. However, it set them in a tailspin and Jennifer said they would all be cut if it was based on this performance only! Megan and Spencer move on, but Alyssa is sent home on American Idol 2014.

We also saw Madison Walker, Keith London, Austin Percario, Stephanie Petranelli and Adam Roth. Before she even took the stage, my girl Tiquila Wilson decides to step out of the competition. She said she is Gospel and American Idol 2014 won’t allow her to do that. Harry then announces that he is leaving the judges’ panel. He doesn’t like the other judges, so he is leaving!

Matthew Hamel was having issues with his group the night before, so he switched groups and is loving the new guys. He is now with Caleb Johnson, CJ Harris and Tyler Ahlgren. Things start with Tyler, who forgets the lyrics, but keeps going with his own. Caleb is such a strong singer and stands out among them, but Matthew is very good and glad he found a home! Harry said that he owned that performance and it was not the best performance from CJ and he didn’t feel comfortable. Caleb and CJ are moving on, but Matthew and Tyler are heading home.

Munfarid Zaidi and his group lost a group member, as she went to her room to get some sleep and hopefully feel better. They are trying to scramble and get a routine, but here she comes and they will all be performing. Jena Asciutto, Allie Odom and Sikenya Thompson join him and Sikenya is pushing through the sickness. She does have a great voice and sounds good, even when it is not fully there! Allie is sent home, but the other three move on.

Our next group features John Fox and Savion Wright. Harry said that John did not look comfortable here, so he couldn’t be comfortable on the live shows and they send him home, but Savion makes it through on American Idol Hollywood Weeks 2014!

Jessica Meuse has had a rough time in group rounds, as her group fell apart the night before with Matthew Hamel and now she is with Nica Nashae, Stephanie Hanvey and Cara Watson. They do their thing and Jessica comes out and is struggling with the lyrics, but Nica comes up to help her out and the other girls follow. Stephanie is the only one cut and her mother screams from the stands! This is the same mother who was right in on all the action the night before. She then proceeds to go off on Jessica in the back and makes a huge scene! Then Stephanie tries to get her time in front of the camera and is starting to cry, but her Mom comes in and pulls her away. Says she isn’t going to cry for the cameras and this is not the end of the world! Wow, what a supportive lady!

The group round is coming to an end and we see Terrica Curry, Carmen Delgina and Emmanuel Zidor take the stage. They have had some major drama with Terrica and it shows in their performance. Harry said he wishes they picked a song they could sing. It was a mess all around, but the judges discuss and Emmanuel moves on and Carmen and Terrica are sent home.

The last group of the night is Loud and Fierce, who had a terrible rehearsal with the vocal coach. They feature Malaya Watson, Christina Collins, Olivia Diamond and Queen Bulls. They struggled with the lyrics and Olivia went off on them and said they wasted too much on the dance moves. The performance was good and they all hit the lyrics. The judges send all four of them to the next round!

That is it for tonight! There are 77 contestants remaining after the group performances! What did you think of the group performances on American Idol 2014 tonight?

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