On the American Idol 2012 elimination results show this week, the top 7 will face off once again to find how who will make it through to the next round. After last week’s surprising American Idol elimination results round, none of the contestants are probably feeling totally safe from the voters this week.

Last week, virtually no one had an American Idol 2012 prediction that former favorite Jessica Sanchez would end up in the bottom three. When she actually ended up ranked last by the voters and had to be saved by the judges, it was a total shock to her fans. I was quite surprised by the whole bottom three lineup last week as I had predicted an entirely different bottom three.

With that in mind, I had to think very carefully about my American Idol elimination results prediction for this week’s repeat of the top 7. I do think that in reaction to last week, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet‘s fans will be voting like mad to keep them out of the bottom three and they will both be totally safe.

I also think Colton Dixon will be safe this week, but he could possibly fall into the bottom three just because everyone will be focusing so hard on making sure Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips doesn’t. After last night’s American Idol 2012 performances, Phillip Phillips should really be safe as it was a great night for him.

Initially, I thought about nominating previously low-ranked Hollie Cavanagh again for who would be voted off American Idol this week. However, I keep being wrong about her and I wasn’t willing to place my bet there again this week. (Which means it will be quite ironic to me if she does get voted off American Idol this week.)

Instead, I am going to place Hollie Cavanagh in my American Idol 2012 predictions for the bottom three this week, but I am not going to rank her last in the votes. Unfortunately, the person who I am going to predict will be voted off on American Idol this week is one of my favorite singers, Elise Testone.

As much as I really do adore Elise, she has been very inconsistent the whole season. She is incredible one week, and totally falls flat the next. Her fans also seem to be of the fair weather variety. When Elise is on, they are right behind her with their support. When she is not, they are off voting for someone else.

Since this week I think everyone will be voting frantically for their top favorite to prevent a repeat of last week’s American Idol 2012 elimination results, I think Elise Testone will end up with the short end of the stick. Every Hollie Cavanagh will vote for her, which means any of them who also like Elise Testone won’t vote her way. The same holds true for Joshua ledet fans and Skylar Laine fans.

So my prediction for who will be voted off American Idol 2012 in this week’s elimination results show is Elise Testone, with a backup guess of Skylar Laine if something out of the box should happen. However, I would not be entirely surprised if something totally wacky happened again this week to make me throw my hands up in confusion at what is going on in the mind of the voters once again.

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