The American Idol auditions 2014 continue tonight on FOX, as the American Idol Season 13 premiere heads into Night 2 of auditions and FOX is hoping for a better turnout tonight from the fans! Even with the addition of Harry Connick, Jr. and the return of Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez, the ratings on American Idol 2014 premiere were not the greatest and that upsets me! The show was great and I think people need to give the show and these American Idol judges 2013 a chance! So, follow along with our American Idol Auditions 2014 Recap and see the American Idol judges 2014 head to Austin to find talent there!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Premiere

The American Idol Season 13 premiere seemed to focus more on the singers and more on the fact that this is America’s show. No more drama with the judges to focus on and this is a singing competition show and we should focus on the singers. These new producers seem to know what they are talking about, huh?

[SPOILERS: Find out the Top 31 on American Idol Season 13 right here]

It was a great night to the new season and I just hope it continues and we find even more talented singers, since the Top 12 for Season 12 was kind of a bore! Sam Woolf should add some excitement and talent if he makes it through, but he did get his ticket to Hollywood last night! See who else gets tickets in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2014 Spoilers Live Recap or see videos from the auditions on American Idol Season 13 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…another start to the show with a brief look at an audition, but then it goes to Ryan Seacrest and talking about the singers could come from anywhere and have any kind of story. The videos are nice and show off a lot of possible contestants. We are now onto Day 2 in Austin.

The boys are late and it is time for the first audition of the day, which comes from Jesse Roach. She totally has that Janis Joplin feel to her voice and I love it. It is deep, but very good. She has a great vibe going on and she could be popular. Keith Urban said she has a lot of soul. Harry said it was a voice that is raspy, but he was not distracted by it and it was very pure.

Jesse Roach 27, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

They are showing some quick auditions this season, but I love it. These are good auditions and people that are making it through to Hollywood on American Idol 2014. At least we get to see some of the singers that could make the live shows!

More Austin Auditions ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Now we take a look at some friends, who are both auditioning, but will support each other if they make it through. They show both the auditions and flip back and forth and leave us up in the air. One makes it and one does not! Who do you think it will be? She makes it and he does not, which surprises me. I thought they liked him more!

We now have Megan Miller, who looks familiar to me. Is this the girl who came in on crutches last season??? She has a very good country voice, but she seems to be pulling it from deep and overdoing it. Harry said he is worried about when her voice is going to blow out. Megan said she has always been a power singer and sings four or five times a week. Their critiques are very good for her and they want to see more from her, so she gets her ticket to Hollywood!

Megan Miller 23, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

Grace Anne Field has a lot of spunk and comes in big time. She has done all of these things with music and plays the piano, but then sings and it is not good. Harry said he isn’t sure she has the entire package for American Idol 2014 and they send her home.

Grace Anne Field 27, Austin Auditions… by HumanSlinky

Spencer Lloyd comes in and Jennifer is in love! She loves his eyes and his skin tone and everything about him, but Harry wants him gone because he can’t be upstaged by those eyes! He sings and he has a good voice. Harry said he has an okay voice, but he has an image that American Idol 2014 needs. Keith agrees, but Jennifer thinks he has an amazing voice to go with the package. Either way, they all say yes and Spencer is going to Hollywood!

Spencer Lloyd 19, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

We now have Marlon Lindsey on American Idol Season 13 and he has a ton of soul and a ticket to Hollywood.

Marlon Lindsey 27, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

Rick Rowling comes in with shorts and suspenders on. He only intention was to get on camera and make it in a movie. Who knows, but he comes into the room and mumbles. Tries telling jokes and eventually sings and it is terrible. Harry cuts him off and says this is a joke and people have waited their whole lives for this chance. He now has coined Harsh Harry!

Rick Rowling 28, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

T.K. Hash looks a lot like President Barack Obama and he gives his own little impression of him. He then takes on a Fall Out Boy song and it has it’s good moments and not-so-good moments. Keith said he loved it and loved his energy.

T.K. Hash 28, Austin Auditions ~ American Idol… by HumanSlinky

Tristen Langley comes in and someone with him. It happens to be his mom, Nikki McKibbin, who happened to finish in third during Season 1 of American Idol. He is very good-looking kid and has an alright voice. Like Harry said, if his Mom was not there this would be a whole different story. He still says no, but Jennifer and Keith say yes and he is going to Hollywood!

Tristen Langley 15, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

We now get a good ol’ cowboy and he is a big time talker. LJ Hernandez has a great personality and you want to like him, but he just can’t sing. His ex-fiancee told him he would never make it and this was proving her wrong.

Lj Hernandez 23, Austin Auditions ~ American… by HumanSlinky

We go back to John Fox, who started tonight’s show. However, he is singing a different song. Is this not the same guy or am I just losing my mind tonight on American Idol 2014? They think he did awesome and it is a yes from the judges!

John Fox 20, Austin Auditions ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

We have moved away from Austin and it is time to see what San Francisco has to offer us this season. The city is pumped and here comes the first audition. Rachel Rolleri and her mother are both in love with Keith Urban and she said she might drool just from seeing him! She started rough for me, but she kicked it in and worked past the nerves. Keith said she has a very mature voice for 17 years old. They loved her voice and her confidence, which turns into three yes votes!

Rachel Rolleri 17, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

Another set of quick auditions, which turns into Golden Tickets for them all! Emmanuel Zidor then comes out and the doors open and he comes out belting a tune. He is very strong, but then the judges want to see another song. Jennifer said that was really beautiful. His teacher in the 7th grade told him he will never sing and will never be on the show, but these judges think different and send him to Hollywood!

Emmanuel Zidor 24, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

We see some random moments and auditions and another example of these growing up so damn fast, as Caitlin Johnson comes in and is 15 years old and by no means looks like that! I think she has a very good voice, but Harry said she needs time to work on who she is. Jennifer thinks she needs work, but is hoping. Keith likes her voice a lot and says yes, so it is up to Jennifer. She is going to give her one more chance and she is going to Hollywood.

Calitlin Johnson 15, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

Ronald Reed wants to be the next American Idol and has some crazy antics. He wants to be the famous singer and then move on to fixing world peace and hunger and he will be a part of it all. He plays the guitar and is very quiet and his vocals are not the best. The judges break it to him and he breaks down in tears and is a mess, but he is still going home.

Ronald Reed 23, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

David Luning comes in and has this whole look he has going on. He chooses to sing one of his own songs and he is very confident with it. It has an interesting sound to it. Jennifer said she can hear it on a record and she thinks his voice is moody and the music took him someplace else. Keith is on the fence, as he thinks he is original with his songwriting and could shine in Hollywood or he could be trampled by all the singers there. They think he is interesting enough and want to see more of him in Hollywood.

David Luning 26, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

Time for the twins, as Sierra and Selena Moreno come in front of the American Idol judges 2014. They are a dynamic duo, but will be singing separately for us. They both get their chance and have good voices, but are they anything that special? I don’t think so….just average singers. Selena had the stage presence, but Sierra had the better voice and lack of stage presence. Keith said it is plain and clear and one has a better chance than the other. Selena gets three yes votes, but Sierra only gets a yes vote from Jennifer.

Selena & Sierra Moreno, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

Briana Oakley made it to Hollywood Week during Season 12, but was cut. She is now back and hoping she can make it all the way on American Idol Season 13. She is a gorgeous girl and has a beautiful voice. Keith said he could keep her singing, but it would be for his own enjoyment. Jennifer said she reminds her of Jordin Sparks. Briana is headed back to Hollywood!

Briana Oakley 17, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

A couple quick Golden Tickets before we see Gaddy Basil Foster come in with all his muscles and tank top on! He is a lover though with all those muscles, but he sings and has no voice and is sent home.

Gaddy Basil Foster, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

The final audition of the night comes from Adam Roth, who is a sound healer. He says sound heals us in life. He has this calmness to him and it puts you at peace. He sings and I am torn. He sounded good at times, but then was overdoing it at other times. Harry said he feels dirty and feels like he needs to go to confessional. Jennifer said his voice is really beautiful, but is it forced or fake at times. Jennifer and Keith say yes, so he is going to Hollywood!

Gaddy Basil Foster, San Francisco Auditions… by HumanSlinky

After tonight, another 33 tickets were handed out tonight and that is a total of 79 for the season! What do you think of the American Idol auditions 2014 tonight???

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