The new American Idol judges 2013 (Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson) have three more cities to make it through for the American Idol auditions 2013 and then we are finally off to Hollywood Week and Vegas to find out who makes the live shows on American Idol Season 12! I am sure we will see the good, the bad and the ugly tonight on American Idol 2013, so don’t miss any of it and watch along with me during my American Idol 2013 Episode 5 Live Recap and see who makes it through from Los Angeles and San Antonio!


The Live Recap starts at 8/7c, so see you all then!


Don’t want to know what happened on the American Idol Los Angeles and San Antonio Auditions 2013? Then don’t read ahead!


San Antonio is where we begin tonight…Mariah Carey superfan Vincent Powell is first and he knocks it out of the park. He gets another shot at making the show, as the judges move him to Hollywood Week!

Brothers David and Derek Bacerott come in and cause some havoc, as their audition sucks it up and Mariah tries to give them some critiques and they just over talk her. Nicki tries to put them in place, but they aren’t having it and they get their camera time!

The brothers are followed up by Savannah Votion, who is a mother of a five-year-old and feels this is her chance to make it. Well, she has the voice to make it, even though I was not impressed by her halter top! How about you? We’ll see more of her in Hollywood!

Next up is Cristabel Clack, who happens to sing an Alicia Keys song and sounds so much like her. Do you agree? The judges loved her and send her to Hollywood.

Ann Difani was nominated by her husband Justin and he surprises her at an Arkansas Razorback football game and now she comes in front of the judges. Randy liked her then and likes her now, so she makes it to Hollywood.

Time for some mariachi on Idol? Victoria Acosta sings it on the streets, but comes in and sings some Fergie? She started a little rough, but improved as it went on. They have her sing some mariachi and she connects with the song more and they send her to Hollywood.

Papa Peachez comes in and I am annoyed. He claims that people just see a cute, little white boy when they see him, but there is so much more to him. I look at him and don’t see that. Do you? The judges are split on him and I have no clue why Nicki and Mariah said yes for him, but Randy has the final say in San Antonio and he changes his mind and sends Papa Peachez to Hollywood. I am even more annoyed!

Sanni M’Mairura thinks he can be the next American Idol and I kind of agree, as he tackles a Michael Jackson song. Nicki said his runs were pretty and he had a great audition. The judges all loved him and send him to Hollywood.

Adam Sanders comes in and I am annoyed. He is holding back tears because he is in front of Mariah. I thought he was going to be super terrible, but he sings and shocked everyone! He has a great voice, but he did scream a little too much as it went on. I was impressed and he gave me chills on one note and he gets a Golden Ticket from the judges!

The judges now move to Los Angeles for auditions. Nicki is out for a prior arrangement and Mariah is stuck in traffic, so it is just the guys for now. Shubha Vedula is first and the guys love her, so they give her a Golden Ticket!

Mariah Carey has arrived and up first is Brian Martinez, who was discovered in a bathroom singing and now he is here to audition. Of course, it is bad and he goes back to the bathroom!

Bringing in your kids to your audition is the thing to do this season on American Idol 2013? Matt Farmer brings his daughter in, who is adorable, and the judges love her. He is doing this for her and to show to never give up and he isn’t giving up yet as he is headed to Hollywood.

Side note: have you seen Mariah’s boobs coming out of that dress?

Stephanie Sanson has purple hair with pink tips and apparently sang Adele, but all she did was scream and it did not sound like that song. She screams her way out of the room and is headed home.

Nicki Minaj has finished her rehearsals, so now all four judges are present for Jesaiah Baer, who has a weird and funky voice that I happen to like, but then the fire alarms go off on the Queen Mary and everyone must get off. What is this all about American Idol 2013?

The fire alarm is off and the judges are back and so is Jesaiah and she finishes her audition and they send her to Hollywood!

Micah Johnson had his tonsils removed and they hit some nerves, which caused him to now has a speech impediment. He can’t talk right, but he sings amazingly well and we have another shocker. First it was Lazaro Arbos and now Micah. They will be battling it out in Hollywood!

Time for Day 2 in L.A. and we get to see one of the supposed Top 40, as Rachel Hale auditions. She is decent, but I am not a huge fan of her. The judges loved her and send her to Hollywood, but what do you think?

Briana Oakley appeared on Maury when she was younger for a rising star contest and when she came back she was severely bullied for being on the show and she had to eat her lunch in the bathroom and change schools. How does someone get bullied for that? Great voice though and they send her to Hollywood.

Matheus Fernandes says that great things come in small packages and the little nugget proves it, as his emotion shines through when he sings. I loved it and his personality. Mariah said he wants him to sing every day to him and I am a mess and he is going to Hollywood!

Who was your favorite audition of the night for American Idol 2013?

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