I’ll admit it, I am excited for the American Idol 2019 premiere tonight on ABC. I didn’t watch last season, which happened to be the first season on ABC. We had just said goodbye to the show on FOX and it seemed silly to bring it back so quick, but here we are for the second year on ABC and here I am covering the auditions on American Idol Season 17. From the Idol Premiere sneak peek, I’ll be crying, yet again! Check it out below in our American Idol 2019 spoilers!

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American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Season 17 Idol Premiere Sneak Peek

For tonight, it will be Night 1 of the Idol Premiere Week, as Night 2 will take place on Wednesday night. No big changes coming for American Idol Season 17, as the American Idol judges 2019 (Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie) are all back for another season and host Ryan Seacrest is back as well.

We kick things off with the auditions and everyone wanting a ticket to Hollywood. That will be when the fun starts, but it’s time to get to meet and know more about these possible singers on the show this season. It’s also a time for those backstories that will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

One of those stories happens to be from Nick Townsend. I knew he looked familiar and I researched and he has actually auditioned for The Voice in the past, but never made it on the show. I am thinking with a preview video from ABC, he has to make it on the show, right?

Prepare to cry, as you hear Nick’s story leading up to his audition tonight on American Idol 2019 here:

American Idol Season 17 premieres tonight at 8/7c on ABC!

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