American Idol 2019 is back, as the auditions kicked off last night on ABC and one of the standouts happened to be Myra Tran! She may look like a little girl, but she has the voice of a powerhouse diva! The American Idol judges 2019 were not disappointed, but were they really disappointed in anyone last night on American Idol Season 17? Check out the Myra Tran audition video below in our American Idol 2019 spoilers!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Myra Tran Audition

For her performance, Myra says she is from Vietnam and moved here to follow her dream, which is to become a singer. Myra talks about being on the American Idol stage and singing a Whitney Houston song. She looks like she is about 12 years old, but is 19. However, she takes on a big dog with Jennifer Hudson and “One Night Only,” which is a huge song to embark upon. However, Myra nails it. She has such a powerful voice in such a small body!

For the judges, Katy Perry said she loved it. Luke Bryan said she is up there with the Kelly Clarksons of the world. Katy said she needs to just keep singing and connect with the world. Lionel Richie said she has stepped into a zone that is hers.

Of course, Myra is headed to Hollywood! Check out her audition video from American Idol 2019 last night right here:

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