The auditions on American Idol 2019 always have some kind of story attached to them. For that reason, we are meant to connect to these contestants on American Idol Season 17. That is what happened when Logan Johnson went in front of the American Idol judges 2019 last night, as we all needed a box of Kleenex! Check out the Logan Johnson audition video below in our American Idol 2019 spoilers!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Logan Johnson Audition Video

Before his audition, he is 20 years old from Boise, Idaho. He said he has always loved music, but the path getting there hasn’t been easy. He looked up to his older brother, who developed a drug problem. Logan ended up following in his path, as he became addicted to pain killers, but thought he was better than him.

He now celebrates eight months of sobriety and it is fitting that he sings “Sober” by Demi Lovato for his audition. He definitely has that tween appeal and even has a little Shawn Mendes vibe going on. He has a very soft voice, but it is good.

For the judges, Luke Bryan said he is incredible. He said when they get him good songs and Logan delivers them in that voice, these girls are going to lose their minds. Lionel Richie said he walked into this room with one story, but then he opened his mouth. Katy Perry said he has a beautiful voice and it would be fun to find an additional gear. The beauty and sweetness in his voice is very rare.

No doubts, as Logan will be heading to Hollywood. Check out his audition video from American Idol 2019 last night right here:

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