Things are moving to Hollywood tonight on American Idol 2019. Yes, we have Hollywood Week on American Idol Season 17 and you know that brings a lot of drama and bickering, especially when the singers have to perform in groups and the parents are there to wreak havoc! We have a sneak peek look at Hollywood Week below in our American Idol 2019 spoilers!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Hollywood Week Begins Tonight

Last week on American Idol Season 17, we had two nights of auditions, which wrapped up the auditions for this season. We had some great singers along the way, including Ashley Hess. She started her life wanting to be a dental assistant and then realized it wasn’t for her and her passion was with music. After her audition, her passion may become a dream come true. Then we also saw Nick Merico take his place in front of the judges, which Katy Perry was loving the eye candy! He is a former Nickelodeon star, but wanted to pursue his passion for music also.

For tonight, all of the singers from the audition rounds are in Hollywood. That means they’ll be singing for the judges and hoping to move on to the next round, which are those dreaded group performances. Why do they still allow this? I mean, it’s clearly there for the drama, as we always have groups fighting and arguing, so it makes for interesting television.

However, the preview clearly shows an ambulance there. The singers stay up all night and rehearse over and over again, so they get in front of the judges and their voices suck! Anyway, here is a preview for tonight on American Idol 2019:

Are you excited for Hollywood Week to kick off tonight on American Idol 2019?

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