It seems like we may know the winner of American Idol 2019 already, as there seems to be a clear favorite before the true competition even begins! Alejandro Aranda is blowing everyone away when it comes to views on the American Idol Season 17 videos. We kicked things off for Hollywood Week on American Idol 2019 and Alejandro’s performance video has like five times as many views as the other nearest video. Crazy, right? So, will Alejandro Aranda be the winner of American Idol Season 17? Check out his performance from last night below in our American Idol 2019 spoilers!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Alejandro Aranda Hollywood Week

Before his performance, we hear more from Alejandro, as his confidence is still not there yet. He said this whole experience is pushing him outside of his boundaries. You watch his video and just want to root for him and tell him he is good enough, which he didn’t seem to have growing up.

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For his solo performance at Hollywood Week, Alejandro sang “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. He just has that sweet and innocent sound to his voice. He hits some good notes along the way and Lionel Richie was saying he could listen to him all day.

The crowd happened to love him too, as the other artists and judges all gave him a standing ovation after he was done with his little guitar solo at the end. The judges also happened to all throw their jackets at him, so they are stripping for his victory? He is likable and that goes far in this competition!

Check out Alejandro’s performance video from American Idol 2019 last night right here:

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