Time for the American Idol 2019 premiere, as a new season of American Idol is upon us and the American Idol judges 2019 (Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan) are searching for the next winner of American Idol Season 17. All of these hopefuls want a ticket to Hollywood Week on American Idol, so they will be hoping for the best tonight. Watch as the American Idol auditions 2019 kick off with us below in our American Idol 2019 Live Recap!

American Idol 2019 Spoilers - Season 17 Idol Premiere Recap

We will begin Idol Premiere Week tonight on ABC. So, Premiere Week will consist of two nights of auditions on Sunday and Wednesday. Then it goes down to one night a week for one week and then back to Sundays and Mondays for five weeks. Come on ABC, get it together with the schedule! For now, just get excited for the new contestants hitting the stage tonight singing for a ticket to Hollywood!

Check out the American Idol Season 17 Live Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of American Idol 2019 Season 17 Premiere. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

We kick things off seeing some of the contestants making signs, as then they all join forces to light and send off Chinese lanterns with their dreams written on them! From there, we are ready to kick things off in Louisville tonight!

Walker Burroughs

His parents are there to support him and his mom is a big fan of Lionel Richie, so he is also since he grew up listening to it. He is quite a character and his voice is decent, but I am not blown away by him. They have him go back and sing a Lionel song and he sounded better on this one and I like the kid and his personality!

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said that is so natural and cool and effortless. He is Top 10 material. Luke said there will be people at home captivated of this and reminds him of how untalented he is. Lionel said he is proud of him and excited for him.

RESULTS – Of course, he gets a ticket to Hollywood!

We are now in Idaho, which is a first ever for American Idol! How odd is that?

Johanna Jones

She seems to love potato chips and Katy Perry. Her friends said if they ever met that they would be best friends. She said she eats potato chips to get ready to sing, which Katy asked if Johanna was her spirit animal! After all the antics, she finally sings and her voice is good. She seems to overdo it in parts, but other parts her voice is on-point!

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said she is going to have to give up her job she has worked for. Lionel said her control, her ability to sell it to us. She’s got the touch. Luke said big time opportunity for her.

RESULTS – She is going to Hollywood on American Idol 2019!

Not all their dreams can come true, as we see some no auditions.

Kai the Singer

She said this is it and she can go home. Growing up, she said they were in and out of shelters and homeless at one point. She never saw it as a struggle and just thought it was life. After hearing her story, she is definitely one of those people you want to root for. She has that indie-type voice, but it is pitchy. Luke stops her and has her just sing to his beat without her guitar. Lionel tells her to take a breath and try another one. She takes on a song at the piano this time and again, I am not overly impressed.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said she thinks her nerves got the best of her. She said she has a beutiful soul and we watched her evolve while on the piano. Luke said it started stirring stuff in him when she got on the piano. Lionel said she is here for a reason and a purpose. He added God can only do for you, what he can do through you.

RESULTS – She is going to Hollywood!

Tyler Mitchell

He has never done anything like this and he is not used to the cameras and all that stuff. He has been told he has a God-given talent and wants to show it off. His voice is calm and soothing, but he has a very good sound to it.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said what a special moment. Lionel said he struck oil on that audition and he woke them up. Luke said just be you and smile through the awkward times and America will love you through it all. Katy said believe in himself.

RESULTS – Tyler is heading to Hollywood on American Idol Season 17!


He said he is a mystic death creature vocalists. He is not a serial killer or anything, but he created a new genre of music called mystic death trap metal. He comes in wearing a mask and brings a bag for Katy, which ends up being a necklace. He finally sings and it’s pretty much him screaming.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Luke says hell yes, as Katy and Lionel are both hiding under the table. Katy said it’s really different. Luke said he’s the only one that rode the wave. It’s very unique. Lionel said everything was perfect but the duets would be hard and this is not the lane for him.

RESULTS – Obviously, it’s no for VoKILLZ and thanks for coming out!

Margie Mays

When she gets nervous, she burps. She said she has burped a lot today. She said she is living her dream today and comes from a family of doctors. Her energy is over-the-top and quite annoying. They finally start some music I think to shut her up. Her facial expressions and dancing is a lot to handle, but her voice is pretty solid.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said she is literally a star. Lionel said he thinks he needs to check into a home right now. Katy said focus on her voice and let her heart shine through.

RESULTS – We will see more of her, as she is going to Hollywood on American Idol 2019!

They all can’t be good, but it’s time for some of those bad auditions on American Idol Season 17!

Myra Tran

She is from Vietnam and moved here to follow her dream, which is to become a singer. She looks like she is about 12 years old, but is 19. However, she takes on a big dog with Jennifer Hudson and nails it. Such a powerful voice!

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said she loved it. Luke said she is up there with the Kelly Clarksons on the world. Katy said she needs to just keep singing and connect with the world. Lionel said she has stepped into a zone that is hers.

RESULTS – She is headed to Hollywood!


He said he is the kind of performer that you don’t stop watching until he stops performing. He is putting on some dance moves (and moves on Lionel) for this one. He was more focused on that than actually singing. I am annoyed, but Katy tells him to stand in one place and sing, so he takes on a church song.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said there it is and thinks it would be spicy to have him in Hollywood. Luke said he can sing, but he is worried about how much they would have to coach him along the way.

RESULTS – It took some time and Lionel switching his vote, but Uche is heading to Hollywood.

Laci Kaye Booth

She said she’s been singing since she was about 3 years old. Her parents got a divorce around that time, as her dad was out trying to make a music career of his own. At 15, they reconnected with their love of music. She is a country singer and has that raspy voice, almost like she is going to lose her voice soon.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Katy said her voice is a diamond in the rough and she has something different sounding. Luke said she slayed it. Lionel said if she can hone in on her thing, than she can do this.

RESULTS – She is going to Hollywood!

We see Nick Rogers, who starts singing and has a good voice, but then breaks into a rap. The judges like him and he said Lionel is one of his musical inspirations, but Katy asked for a Lionel song and Nick didn’t know one! Lionel is crushed, but Nick still gets a ticket to Hollywood!

Tiffanne Lemay

She is pretty much only excited to audition for Lionel Richie today on American Idol 2019. She is going to confess her love for him tonight! Lionel is excited to have someone love him and his swagger is back. Her voice is very good and I like her personality.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Lionel said he knew there was something about her when she first walked in. He likes her style and voice. Katy loves her sunny disposition. Luke wants her to open her mouth a little bit more.

RESULTS – Tiffanne is heading to Hollywood!

Nick Townsend

He said he is here today for his brothers, who both committed suicide and took their own lives. The story is so emotional and makes you feel for Nick! He said there have been times he wanted to give up, but his brothers would want him to do this. With that backstory, do you think it even matters what he sounds like? He has touches of sounding really well, but then underwhelming at other points.

JUDGES’ THOUGHTS – Lionel said he is very proud of him. He said there is a natural cry in his voice. Katy said he has power in voice and he’s got beauty in his voice. Luke said the simplicity in how he is able to sell his voice and it’s easy to sing to.

RESULTS – Nick is headed to Hollywood and the tears are coming!

That’s it for tonight! What did you think of tonight’s premiere on American Idol 2019?

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