The American Idol auditions 2015 come to an end this week, but we still have two more nights of auditions on American Idol Season 14, so don’t you worry! It should be a fun week, as the auditions are heading to San Francisco for the final stop and the American Idol judges 2015 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) are in rare form, as seen in our American Idol 2015 spoilers below!

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American Idol 2015 Spoilers - Final Week of Auditions Preview

Last week on American Idol Season 14, we saw the auditions head out to Minneapolis on Wednesday night and then we headed to Harry’s hometown, New Orleans, on Thursday night. It was a week of some good performances, including a drag queen! Could we see a performance in full drag on the live shows on American Idol 2015? I would love to see that happen, but I don’t think he was good enough for the live shows!

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The auditions come to an end in San Francisco, but it looks like we have some drama and slapping going on by the American Idol judges 2015! Now take a look at a sneak peek of the auditions this week on American Idol Season 14:

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