Things finished at the House of Blues on American Idol 2015 last night, as the Top 48 was cut in half by the American Idol judges 2015 and your Top 24 on American Idol Season 14 was formed! So, who made the American Idol 2015 Top 24 last night? Find out the names and check them out in our photo gallery below in our American Idol 2015 spoilers!

American Idol Season 14 Premiere

Last night on American Idol Season 14, it was the second night of performances at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: I really enjoyed this new round! I like how they got a chance to perform in front of a live audience. I like how they edited it and would show a singer and give their journey and some of their performance and then the judges’ decision. It allowed us to get a better take on each of the singers, especially the contestants that made the Top 24 on American Idol 2015. I mean, we are voting on them next week, so we should know all of them a little better, right?

After all was said and done, we had 22 guys and 26 girls move on to the next round! Here they are:

Top 12 Guys:

  • Adam Ezegelian
  • Clark Beckham
  • Daniel Seavey
  • Mark Andrew
  • Michael Simeon
  • Nick Fradiani
  • Qaasim Middleton
  • Quentin Alexander
  • Rayvon Owen
  • Riley Bria
  • Savion Wright
  • Trevor Douglas

Top 12 Girls:

  • Adanna Duru
  • Alexis Gomez
  • Jax
  • Joey Cook
  • Katherine Winston
  • Loren Lott
  • Lovey James
  • Maddie Walker
  • Sarina-Joi Crowe
  • Shannon Berthiaume
  • Shi Scott
  • Tyanna Jones

For a closer look and to put a name to the face, check out our Top 24 photo gallery here:

Click on image for full view

So, what do you think of the Top 24 on American Idol 2015?

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