Tonight on American Idol 2015, we find out who won American Idol Season 14, but after two hours of performances and special guest performers on the Idol Finale. Ryan Seacrest will hold out on the Idol Results tonight until the very end for Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani, so sit back and enjoy the performances with us! Check it out with our American Idol 2015 Spoilers Finale Elimination Results Live Recap and see who won American Idol 2015 tonight!

American Idol 2015 Spoilers - Idol Finale Results Show

Last night on American Idol Season 14, the night kicked off with some quick results from Ryan Seacrest, as we still did have the Idol Top 3 in place. He sent home Jax, which left us with a Clark-Nick finale matchup! To be honest, Clark did have some amazing performances last night, but I was a little shocked with how good Nick sounded last night, which is rare for me to say since he normally bores me! Because of that, I think this is a wide-open race for the title tonight!

Now all we do is wait: the Top 2 performed for your votes, you voted, we made our predictions and now we just wait to find out who won American Idol tonight! Are you as excited about it as we are? Watch with us in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on the American Idol 2015 Finale Elimination Results Live Recap or see who won American Idol Season 14 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…things kick off with Fall Out Boy performing and the Top 2 join them on stage. It is a fun start, but why is Fall Out Boy on every reality show???

Now the judges and Ryan Seacrest are all in place and time for another performance, as Tyanna Jones takes the stage with The Jacksons for a performance! I really thought she would be in the finale!

Next it is Nile Rodgers taking the stage with the Top 6 Girls from this season to perform a medley of songs. Love this song and a fun performance.

How about a performance by Ricky Martin? He was working it up there. Who knew he had some dance moves in there? Even though I think that was a major lip sync performance there. The guys of American Idol 2015 eventually join him and it is a hot performance!

Another one of those performers that always seems to be performing on these reality finales is Janelle Monae and here she is with her new single “Yoga.” She is joined by Adanna Duru for this one.

Now we have Prince Royce on Idol Finale. He is joined by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull and there is a lot of Latin on that stage!

Echosmith is up next to sing “Cool Kids” with Joey Cook. I miss her and loved her voice and style and it works so well on this song.

We get some words from the judges and a look at some of their funny moments this season. Then Keith Urban takes the stage to perform his new single. This mane is just so sexy and his wife Nicole Kidman is in the audience to support him!

We get a performance by Jamie Foxx with his single “In Love By Now” and Rayvon Owen joins him. This is a good matchup and a nice song.

The kid from this season, Daniel Seavey, take the stage with New Kids on the Block! He is beyond awkward and I do not miss him one bit, but this was a fun and cute performance!

Quentin Alexander sang this song on the show, so Vance Joy takes the stage to sing “Riptide” with him. I do enjoy the song and love Quentin and his style.

This should be a good one, as we have Chris Brown and Pitbull performing their new single “Fun” and Qaasim Middleton joins them. This is the type of performance I would expect from Qaasim, so it was fun to watch.

Now we get a performance from Steven Tyler, as he has just released a country album. Seems weird, but I can totally see it. He performs his new single “Love Is Your Name” and it sounds good. Eventually he is joined by Jax and they bring down the roof and it is so fun to see her up there, as she is having the time of her life on this one!

Now time for one of the finalists on American Idol 2015 to take the stage, as Clark Beckham performs with Michael McDonald from The Doobie Brothers. They take on “Taking’ It To The Streets” and it is so good and they were both working those pianos!

Now it is time for Nick to take the stage, as he performs “Back Home” with Andy Grammer. How about the fact that they look so similar???

Time for the American Idol judges 2015 to take the stage, as they perform a medley of songs and I am liking it. Sure, Jennifer doesn’t seem to have any clothes on, but if I was 45 years old and had a body like that, I would be wearing the same exact thing!

After all the performances tonight, we finally have the Top 2 on the stage and Ryan is delivering the results! The winner of American Idol Season 14 is Nick Fradiani!!! I am a little shocked, but he killed it last night and deserves it!

What do you think of the results on American Idol Season 14 tonight?

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