The American Idol auditions 2015 continue tonight on FOX, as the American Idol judges 2015 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) make their way to Minneapolis to see if they can give out more tickets to Hollywood Week on American Idol Season 14. There have been a few standouts this season, so will anyone else rise to the top tonight? Find out during our American Idol 2015 Recap and watch the American Idol Season 14 auditions with us!

American Idol Judges 2015

Last week on American Idol Season 14, it was another week of auditions and more Golden Tickets handed out in Kansas City and then headed to New York City with guest judge Adam Lambert. There have been some talented singers taking the stage this year, but have we seen the winner of American Idol Season 14 yet??? Do you think it could be Joey Cook and her accordion taking home the title? I am not sure, but I did enjoy her unique sound.

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We will find out shortly, so stay right here for our Live Recap starting soon!


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Shannon Berthiaume – She said singing is the only thing she is good at. She is nervous and the judges joke with her about it. She has a ton of soul in her voice and is good, but then she seems to be screaming and trying too hard. Calm it down girl and you would sound even better! The judges think she has raw talent and she is headed to Hollywood!

Kemil Casey – He brings a golden microphone with him. He can sing, dance, is a nanny, not shy, but he talks a lot….all his words! No big shocker, but he sucks!

Some quick looks at Morgan Ovens, Gabrielle Noe’l and Courtney Guns and all of them get their ticket to Hollywood!

Vanessa Andrea – Her first concert was a Keith Urban concert and she is a huge fan and was hoping he would be at her hotel, even though she is staying at the Holiday Inn! I am loving her personality and then she matches it with a very good voice. Jennifer said she loves her style and knew she could sing. She is going to Hollywood!

Zach Johnson – He comes in with a lot of energy and is a little goofy, but I am thinking he is going to be able to sing. He sings some Garth Brooks and he has the country voice that is strong and mellow. Harry tells him if he doesn’t talk with an accent, then don’t sing it and he wants to hear it in his voice. He sings without the accent and Harry holds up the Golden Ticket!

Aaron Bissell – He is a quiet singer and has that indie sound to his voice. I am liking his voice and he gets a ticket to Hollywood!

Cindy Jo Scholer – She is born and raised in Minnesota and she loves shooting and hunting and fishing. She wants the cameramen to go hunting before they leave Minneapolis! I like her, but her voice is up and down for me. She gets pitchy at times. Jennifer said she felt like she lost the melody when trying to show off. Keith told her to lose all the theatrics because she can really sing. Jennifer said no, but Harry and Keith are going to give her another chance on American Idol 2015!

Jacob Tolliver – He is an understudy in Las Vegas for Jerry Lee Lewis. He comes in and plays that piano amazingly well. The judges are loving it, but they don’t know who he is. They don’t think that can work on the radio today and he needs to be himself. He sits down and tries another song and they liked it showed his individuality more, so he is going to Hollywood!

Hannah Mrozak – Keith said amazing. Jennifer said fantastic and is so excited to see where she is going, especially only being 16 years old. They send her to Hollywood!

Mark Andrew – He is at the age limit, so this is his last shot! He has a son now and it is important to be at work and not out gigging. I like him and his story, so hoping for good things here! Jennifer said his voice is so good and it cuts through. Harry said he wants to hear his album, so he is headed to Hollywood!

What did you think of the auditions on American Idol Season 14 tonight?

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