Another week of American Idol 2015 is upon us, as the American Idol auditions 2015 continue in Kansas City tonight! What other talent will the American Idol judges 2015 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) find and will any of them be the possible winner of American Idol Season 14? We shall find out shortly during our American Idol 2015 Live Recap and watch with us as the American Idol 2015 auditions continue and see how many Golden Tickets are handed out tonight on FOX!

American Idol 2015 Spoilers - Kansas City Auditions

Last week on American Idol Season 14, things kicked off in Nashville and we started the season strong with Night 1 of the premiere. It especially started strong, as a mini-Keith was the first audition of the season and Riley Bria did a great job and got the ball rolling strongly! From there, we finished up in Nashville and headed to Kansas City on Night 2 of the premiere and it was two hours of some pretty good singers, including Savion Wright, who returned after being cut during Hollywood Week last season and he is headed back again this season!

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We will find out shortly, so stay right here for our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2015 Live Recap or see videos from the auditions on American Idol Season 14 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we start back with the Idol Bus and it hit 11 small towns across the countries and the best have been invited to Kansas City to perform in front of the judges, so here we go!

“Big” Ron Wilson – He thinks Jennifer is going to be feeling him tonight! He definitely has the confidence and wants Jennifer to call him Big Sexy! He is all about Jennifer, so Keith and Harry decide to leave since they are not even there in his world! Regardless, he has a good, soulful voice! Little tension when they come back, but he gets his ticket to Hollywood.

A bad audition where he hit some insanely high notes, but in a very bad way. Then we saw some good auditions, including Casey Thrasher from last season, who is going to Hollywood again!

Joey Cook – She wants to bring originality back to music and brings in her “squeeze box” (something we would call an accordion) and blue hair. She has this weird tone and vibe about her. It is like she is a younger version of Lady Gaga! She has this weird sound to her voice and the judges loved it. She is going to Hollywood!

Alexis Gomez – She is trying to give country a new face. She has a decent voice, but nothing that blows me away. She said she is the Mexican Hillbilly. Keith said he likes her voice and he can see it in her, but it is not there yet. Harry said it was good, but it was not spectacular! Keith said no, but the others say yes and she gets her Golden Ticket!

Anton Bushner – He shows no interest in talking with Ryan Seacrest, but he is a huge fan of Keith Urban’s and sings one of his song. He is so quiet and timid. This is a great performance and he actually tears up after singing, which is cute to see! The judges love his voice and him, in general, so he is going to Hollywood Week on American Idol 2015!

Stephanie Gummelt – Her voice is crazy high-pitched while talking, but she said it is like that when she is nervous. She proceeds to sing an original song and I am not feeling it. She is too timid and I don’t think she would do good, but who am I? Not a judge, as they love her and she is going to Hollywood.

Ashley Stehle – Her Dad is deaf and got some new technology, where she sings into this receiver and he can hear her voice. I thought this was going to be a shoe-in to get a ticket, but she was all over the place. The judges all liked her, but think she needs more time and she is headed home.

Ellen Petersen – Another instrument on American Idol Season 14, as Ellen brings in the banjo and she brings us to the country with her singing, including some yodeling! Harry said she is really good and she is beautiful. Keith said she is a pro and feels there is so much more in there. She is going to Hollywood, but first she gets to play The Beverly Hillbillies theme while Harry and Keith sing!

Kohlton Pascal – He moved out of his house when he was 16 years old because he wanted to be a rebellious punk. He travels all over and said he doesn’t like to stay in one place longer than three days. He hitchhikes and saves money for a bus ticket. He said you sacrifice for the things you love and he loves music. He sings an original song and you can feel the emotion in the lyrics, but I wasn’t feeling it. The judges wonder if America will warm up to him and if he can do this. They like his talent, so they send him to Hollywood!

What do you think of the auditions on American Idol Season 14 tonight?

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