We are getting more and more current on American Idol 2015 tonight, as the Top 7 on American Idol Season 14 will be announced they’ll be taking on songs from the Billboard Hot 100 charts! We will also have the Idol Fan Save in play again, so Ryan Seacrest will announce the bottom two singers and America can go to Twitter and save their favorite! Check it out with us during our American Idol 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on American Idol 2015 tonight!

American Idol 2015 Spoilers - Top 7 Performances

Last week on American Idol Season 14, it was all about Kelly Clarkson for the Top 8! The original American Idol returned as a mentor for the week, but also as a performer and we loved every second of it. The contestants took on Kelly Clarkson songs and we were introduced to the Idol Fan Save, which allowed fans to go to Twitter and save one of the bottom two. Clark Beckham was not in the bottom two and probably won’t be again tonight after an amazing performance last week! It came down to Daniel Seavey and Rayvon Owen and America got it right and saved Rayvon, so Daniel was eliminated.

Our recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2015 tonight! In the meantime, check out our predictions on who we think goes home tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2015 Recap or see videos from the performances on American Idol Season 14 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we have Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo helping the Top 8 tonight, so we look at them. They help deliver the results tonight and time to get to the results and performances tonight!

Jax – She sings “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. To be honest, I was liking this performance from Jax tonight. I like when she keeps it simple. She put a twist on a popular song and I enjoyed it. She never went crazy with it and I thought it was a great job.

Nick Fradiani – He sings “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. This is such an odd song choice, but I am excited to see what he does with it. I liked it. I always think that Nick sounds good, but nothing spectacular. I got more from him tonight and he seemed to stand out a little bit more and I liked that.

Our first guest performance of the night, as Jason Derulo takes the stage to perform his new single “Want to Want Me” and he is so sexy. Can he sing? Not the best, but he can sure dance! Now back to the results and performances!

Quentin Alexander – He sings “Latch” by Disclosure and Sam Smith. I am so glad that Quentin is getting the love the past few weeks. I love his style, his voice and his face! He has a lot of confidence on that stage now and this was a very good performance and a good song choice for him!

Back to the guest performances, as Florida Georgia Line takes the stage and they are pretty too! Now to the performances and results again!

Joey Cook – She sings “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. For a change, she is not changing up the arrangement of a song! She is giving off Sia vibes again tonight! While I like her voice and the sound of it, I miss that she did nothing to the arrangement of this song. It was good, but it lacked the normal Joey charm that I like.

Clark Beckham – He sings “Make It Rain” by Ed Sheeran. Can this guy do anything wrong??? It started a little rough for me, but he brought it out and I loved it. He is such a good singer and this was awesome and he is so damn cute!

Another guest performance, as we have Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson perform “Trouble” and all I can think of is Sean Hayes  and his husband lip syncing this!

Tyanna Jones – She sings “Stay” by Rihanna. I think that Tyanna is an amazing singer and I love her voice. This is a simple performance, but I think she missed the mark with this one. This is such an emotional song and I did not feel that from her tonight, which makes me sad.

I predicted it this way and tonight’s bottom two are Rayvon Owen and Qaasim Middleton. We will have the Idol Fan Save again tonight and up first is Rayvon, who is singing “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. To be honest, Rayvon can sing and I like him. He can hit all those notes, but he just doesn’t connect with the audience.

Now it is time for Qaasim, as he sings “Hey Ya!” by OutKast. I know he is a performer and he is fun to watch, but this was just pathetic. He sounded terrible and I felt bad watching him. Anyone else feel that way?

The votes were counted from Twitter and the Idol Fan Save for tonight goes to Rayvon Owen, which means Qaasim Middleton has been eliminated!

What do you think of the results on American Idol Season 14 tonight?

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