Time for the Idol Top 5 to perform some Soul Songs and song from the American Idol judges 2015 hometowns tonight on American Idol 2015! It kind of leaves things wide open for song choices on American Idol Season 14, but we like that! Ryan Seacrest will also deliver the Idol Results tonight, as your Top 4 are announced and no Idol Fan Save this week! Check it out with us during our American Idol 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on American Idol 2015 tonight!

American Idol 2015 Spoilers - Idol Top 5 Performances

Last week on American Idol Season 14, the Top 6 took on Arena Anthems and I was a little underwhelmed by some of them. These are songs that are supposed to get us pumped and ready to rock out with the singer while they perform in an anthem. Of course, Clark Beckham nailed his performances again and can we just give him the crown already? We saw Quentin Alexander and Rayvon Owen in the bottom two and Rayvon won the Idol Fan Save for the third time and Quentin was eliminated!

Our recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2015 tonight! In the meantime, check out our predictions on who we think goes home tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2015 Recap or see videos from the performances on American Idol Season 14 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…the Idol Top 5 are in place and we have two performances tonight before the elimination. Up first is a song from the judges’ hometown, which is Nashville for Keith Urban, New York City for Jennifer Lopez and New Orleans for Harry Connick, Jr. For the second performance, they will pick a song that captures their soul, or how Harry puts it, their “gravy” song. Russell Crowe delivers the results, so we will find them out quickly tonight and probably bottom two announced. We will have the Hometown Visits for the Top 4 this season! Here we go!

ROUND 1 – Judges’ Hometown Songs

Clark Beckham – He sings “Living for the City” by Stevie Wonder. I love Clark and thinks he is amazing, but this one started a little boring for me. I was worried, but then he kicked it in towards the middle and ran to play that piano and he won me over. It ended so well and he is amazing!

Jax – She sings “Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down” by Alicia Keys. She won me over with her performances last week, but I did not feel it on this song. She didn’t sing much different than the original and no one can compete with Alicia.

Nick Fradiani – He sings “Bright Lights” by Matchbox Twenty. People sure love him, huh? This was a good performance and showed off his rocker side, but it seemed to have more life to it than some of his other performances.

Now we see Harry take the stage to perform a tribute to his hometown, New Orleans. It looks like we are getting the results right now, as Tyanna Jones and Rayvon Owen take the stage and the person eliminated tonight Tyanna Jones!!! How is that even possible???? I am so angry and loved her! Rayvon Owen – He sings “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. I feel he always has trouble connecting to the lyrics and this was good, at parts, but then it seemed like he was struggling at other parts and trying too hard.

Before we move on to the second round, we see the Top 5 get some mentoring with Martina McBride and Rascal Flatts. Then Martina takes the stage to perform “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

ROUND 2 – Soul Songs

Clark Beckham – He sings “Your Man” by Josh Turner. There was some controversy between Clark and Scott Borchetta and Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts. They did not like this song choice and I may be with them on it. Clark has an amazing voice and he sang it well, but this was boring and not special and where was the gravy?

Jax – She sings “Human” by Christina Perri. I hate the hair and dress on this one, but it was a good vocal. I feel she got a little dramatic with the performance and I was not a fan of that, but maybe I was distracted by that ugly dress!

Rayvon Owen – He sings “Believe” by Justin Bieber. He said he is dedicating this song to his mother, as he wouldn’t be here without her. Singing to his mother brought out the emotion is normally lacks. This was a great performance and he nailed the emotions of the song and just right when he needed it!

Nick Fradiani – He sings “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts. A good song choice from Nick, as he showed the emotions of the song and I enjoyed it. I was unsure earlier why people are still voting for him, but he had a great night tonight and I enjoyed him.

The performances are done for tonight! Who was your favorite?

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