It was a cliffhanger on American Idol 2015 last night, as we were left wondering what happened to one of the contestants on American Idol Season 14 and if she could recover from her big flub! I am thinking she will, but we find out for sure tonight. The performances on American Idol 2015 continue tonight and the judges on American Idol Season 14 will send even more contestants home, as half of them are leaving us! Check it out with us during our American Idol 2015 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on American Idol 2015 tonight!

American Idol 2015 Spoilers - Hollywood Week Night 2

Last night on American Idol Season 14, things were moving along nicely and we were into Day 2 of Hollywood Week. This is where the singers came out in groups of ten and performed for the American Idol judges 2015! Some would go home and some would move on in the competition. The ball was rolling and then Gabby Zonneveld took the stage and started singing so strong and then choked up, but what was causing the issues??? We find out tonight!

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We will find out shortly, so stay right here for our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we start back with Gabby and Harry Connick, Jr. goes up there and takes her backstage to have a breather. We get back to the other singers, like Kelley Kime and Katherine Winston (Jennifer said much better than she remembered). Gabby comes back out and finishes and she has the crowd cheering for her and make it through.

RESULTS: Pretty much the whole line made it through, including Gabby, Kelley and Katherine!

NEXT LINE: Featured are Andrew Annello (who has no nerve issues and is beyond confident), Maddie Walker and Alexis Gomez (she decided no shoes today would be better).

RESULTS: The confidence didn’t work for Andrew, as he is sent home and everyone else is moving on!

We then see Cody Fry make it through and his voice is so good. Loren Lott is very confident and thinks she can make the show some money and it works, as she is going through!

NEXT LINE: This line includes Rayvon Owen (his voice is so smooth and soulful) and Shi Scott (she has this weird sound to her voice, but I love it).

RESULTS: Both of them make it through!

NEXT LINE: Clark Beckham (he thinks America is ready for this groove and I am ready) and Daniel Seavey (he thinks his chops are ready).

RESULTS: Both of them make it through!!!

Dakota Suarez is hoping to become the first drag queen contestant, but this performance was rough! The bad performances continue, so it looks like these people picked their best songs for their auditions, huh? They all are headed home!

We now have Idol Love, as Jax has a big crush on Qaasim Middleton. She is loving everything about him, but will they both be moving on to the next round? The judges liked him too, as he is moving on!

We see a lot of them make it through and a lot are headed home, but the day comes to an end and it is now time for the Group Rounds!!! They have to divide into groups of four and they are all doing their thing, but of course we have people without groups!

Sal saves the day and has Alexis join his group! They head back to the hotel and pick a team captain, which should cause drama! Now the groups are working and it is going to be a long night! Some did great and hit their groove quickly. Others, not so much, and it is a late night!

Some of them didn’t get any sleep, but it is 6:45am and the buses are headed to the theater! Let’s get these group performances going!

GROUP 1 – Double Stuff, which consists of J. None, David Oliver Willis, Jesse Cline and Clark Beckham. They were one of the groups to get to bed early, but then had issues in sound checks. They got it together for the performance and nailed it all around!

RESULTS: All four of them make it through!

NEXT GROUP – This group got no sleep and it consists of Shi Scott, Andrew Bloom, Adam Ezegelian and “Big Ron” Wilson. They are very entertaining and they get through it. Adam has such a strong rocker voice, which is so weird and I love Shi’s voice.

RESULTS: Shi, Adam and Big Ron are moving on, but Andrew is eliminated on American Idol 2015.

NEXT GROUP: This is the youngest group and consists of Maddy Hudson, Reno Anoa’i, Tyanna Jones and Steffi Ledbetter. They seemed to not blend well together and off pitch and the judges said this song more suited Tyanna.

RESULTS: Steffi is going home, as Maddy, Reno and Tyanna move forward.

We take a look at Alexis, who has a team now and she is having a panic attack! The medics are there and she has exhaustion, but she makes it out on the stage!

NEXT GROUP: They clicked right from the start and are Team Dimples. It consists of Jaq Mackenzie, Nick Fradiani, Hunter Larsen and Michael Simeon. They did a great job together and I just love Hunter’s voice! Jennifer is definitely loving Michael!

RESULTS: The judges loved all of them, as they are moving on to the next round!

NEXT GROUP: Well, Alexis’ group makes it out on the stage, but before they start it seems like Alexis is going to pass out and she is a mess! They carry her off the stage, but another To Be Continued moment and we’ll find out what happens with her next week!

What do you think of the performances tonight?

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