It is Wednesday night and the producers of American Idol 2014 are hoping you tune in tonight and help the ratings on American Idol Season 13 as the Top 8 on American Idol 2014 perform for your votes! The American Idol judges 2014 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) might get a little confused tonight based on the theme, but it is a brand new night of performances on American Idol Season 13! Watch with us during our American Idol 2014 Top 8 Performances Spoilers Live Recap!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Ryan Seacrest

Last week on American Idol Season 13, it was a week of the Top 9 performing with the band, as they acted like the lead singer of the band, who happened to join them on stage for the performances! We saw some pretty good performances and some shined, like we thought they would. However, America voted and Majesty Rose was eliminated during the results show. Why do you think she went from a favorite to the bottom of the pack each week?

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Our Live Recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2014 tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2014 Top 8 Performances Spoilers Live Recap or see videos from the performances on American Idol Season 13 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…everyone is in place and we have the solo performances and duets tonight! Here we go!

Jessica Meuse – She sings “Blue-Eyed Lie,” which is an original song. I love when the contestants sing original songs on these singing competition shows. Why? Because they wrote the songs and can relate to the emotion of the lyrics. Both Jessica and Alex Preston will be singing original songs tonight and I think they will both shine, like Jessica is doing on this song. So, so good and her rocker side is shining big time!

Jessica Meuse, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

C.J. Harris – He sings “Soulshine” by The Allman Brothers. He was raised by his grandparents and his grandfather played the guitar, but got too old to play and CJ asked to play it and he hasn’t put it down since. This was a better performance from CJ and he didn’t sound half bad. I think the competition has gotten to him the past couple weeks, but this was a solid performance from him!

C.J. Harris, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

The first duet of the night comes from Alex Preston and Jena Irene, so this one could be very good! They sing “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink featuring Nate Ruess. To be honest, this song is perfect for Alex and he does so good. Jena is a good singer, but I am not sure if this is the style for her. She improves as the song goes on and they sounded good together.

Jena & Alex, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Sam Woolf – He sings “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran. His grandfather is his “manager” and Sam said he would not be here now if it wasn’t for him. I used to be a huge fan of Sam, but he has lost me as a fan these past few weeks. He is cute, but his performances on American Idol 2014 are all boring to me. Anyone else?

Sam Woolf, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Our next duet of the night comes from Jessica Meuse and Caleb Johnson, as they sing “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. This is a wise song choice for both of them and they had fun with it. It is nice to see a smile on Jessica’s face and see she is having fun with it! Both great voices on this rock song!

Jessica & Caleb, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Malaya Watson – She sings “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin. When her Mom was pregnant with her, her Dad would play the guitar on her belly and he thinks that is where she developed her pitch! Malaya has been up and down this season, but coming on strong the past couple weeks (maybe she has replaced the spot Sam filled)? She has a strong voice and the American Idol judges 2014 love her. Very good performance and showed how good of a vocal she can have!

Malaya Watson, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Dexter Roberts – He sings “One Mississippi” by Brett Eldredge. His Mom used to dress him up in all these outfits for photos when he was a kid. He was nervous going into the audition and seeing all the singers there! I am always torn when it comes to Dexter on American Idol 2014. I think he has such a strong country voice, but then is there anything that makes him stand out among the great male country artists out there? I don’t think so and feel he just blends in the middle. Great voice and performance though.

Dexter Roberts, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Our next duet of the night comes from Malaya Watson and Sam Woolf, who sing “Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. I think this is an awkward song choice for them to sing and it is awkward to watch. He does not sound good on it and she sounds half-way decent. Very disappointed in this one!

Malaya & Sam, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Jena Irene – She sings “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele. She said she has this weird, different voice. This is a popular song and now she is trying it again. She came into the audition all shy and timid and now she owns that stage. This is an interesting performance. I do love the unique sound of her voice and wasn’t sure if it would work on this song, but she makes it work. She sang it in her own tone and style and I was impressed. She definitely is coming into her own during this season!

Jena Irene, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

The final duet of the night comes from C.J. Harris and Dexter Roberts, as they take on “Alright” by Darius Rucker. You know what, this one did it for me. Is CJ a good singer? Sure, but nothing great. This was shown in his duet with Dexter. He is strong and overshadowed CJ. This could help Dexter in the voting!

C.J. & Dexter, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Caleb Johnson – He sings “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. Jennifer Lopez remembers him coming in during Season 10 and then seeing him come in this season and thought he has grown and this could be his year to win it. He takes on such crazy songs, but makes them his own and this could be great! It is absolutely insane how he can take an Aretha song and totally make it a rock song and his own song. This was amazing!

Caleb Johnson, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Alex Preston – He sings “Fairy Tales,” which an original song! What won me over for Alex was when he sang original songs. He is a true artist and glad he gets to show his own work live on the show! He is just so good and this is the type of artist he will be if he wins, which is why he should be the winner of American Idol Season 13. Great performance!

Alex Preston, Top 8 ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

The performances are done for tonight on American Idol 2014. Who are you voting for?

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