It is going to be a jam-packed night on American Idol 2014, as the Top 6 on American Idol Season 13 will take to the stage twice to perform for the American Idol judges 2014 and for your votes. With only a few weeks left until the winner of American Idol 2014 is crowned, each performance is crucial! Check out the Top 6 perform tonight on American Idol Season 13 below in our American Idol 2014 Top 6 Performances Spoilers Live Recap!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Top 6 Performances

We have seen these finalists sing twice on a show before, but that was a solo performance and a duet/trio performance. That changes tonight, as we announced earlier in the week with the Top 6 performance theme. For tonight, the Top 6 will take on two songs: a rock and roll song and a country song, so they are getting a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll! This should suit all of their needs and they all should have at least one good performance, right?

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Our Live Recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2014 tonight!


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Here we go…we have to get things started quickly, so let’s do this!

Round 1 – Rock Songs

Jena Irene – She sings “Barracuda” by Heart. We take a look back at her journey and what the judges have had to say about her. I was excited to hear Jena was singing this song on American Idol 2014, but then I was disappointed with this performance. I think her voice fits the song well, but she didn’t do anything special with it.

Jena Irene, “Barracuda” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

Sam Woolf – He sings “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. This was a big song selection, as Imagine Dragons are a very popular band now and so is this song. I think Sam has his own style and certain songs that he can sing and this is not one of them. Rock is not his genre, but he was looking more comfortable on the Idol stage.

Sam Woolf, “It’s Time” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

C.J. Harris – He sings “American Woman” by The Guess Who. You pick a song that is so popular and everyone knows and loves and think it would help him, right? Nope! He is just not that great, but clearly has the support out there. This just sounded so rough and would any of you out there truly buy his album???

C.J. Harris, “American Woman” ~ American Idol… by HumanSlinky

Alex Preston – He sings “Animal” by Neon Trees. This song went to the top of the charts in 2011, but amazingly has never been sung on American Idol before. This is not the first time that Alex has sung a song that has never been done on the show before, which is why I like him. He is fresh, but I was not a huge fan of this performance from him. He is better with the slower songs.

Alex Preston, “Animal” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

Caleb Johnson – He sings “Sting Me” by The Black Crowes. This song has never been performed on Idol either, which Caleb is known to do also. Caleb is a rocker, so you knew he was going to excel on this song choice. Great song and he sounds so good. If you want a rocker, pick Caleb!

Caleb Johnson, “Sting Me” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

Jessica Meuse – She sings “Somebody To Love” by Jefferson Airplane. This is a genre that Jessica should excel at as well. To be honest, I am not as impressed as I thought I would be. She has some good parts, but she has been lacking the past couple weeks in my eyes and ears!

Jessica Meuse, “Somebody To Love” ~ American… by HumanSlinky

Round 2 – Country Songs

Sam Woolf – He sings “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain. When I heard this song choice, I was so baffled. He is not good at singing the love songs and trying to connect to the lyrics, so why does he always get a love song??? The girls may love him and voting for him now on American Idol 2014, but he was not that great tonight. He works it with the crowd, but the vocals were not strong with this song.

Sam Woolf, “You’re Still the One” ~ American… by HumanSlinky

Caleb Johnson – He sings “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood. He did so good on the first song, the judges are wondering if he can top that, but thinks if anyone can do it, it is Caleb. To be honest, I was worried about Caleb singing a country song, but he showed us that a true artist can take on any song. He nailed it and put his rock twist into it!

Caleb Johnson, “Undo It” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

Alex Preston – He sings “Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson. This was the performance on American Idol 2014 that I was looking forward to most. Alex taking on Willie Nelson??? I was not worried about him performing it and knew he would be awesome, which he definitely was. He made a hugely popular song his own, which is so good!

Alex Preston, “Always on My Mind” ~ American… by HumanSlinky

Jena Irene – She sings “So Small” by Carrie Underwood. Jena has this tone in her vocals and it works on some songs and it doesn’t work on others. I don’t think it worked for her first performance tonight, but it definitely worked on this one. She changed it up a little and I enjoyed it.

Jena Irene, “So Small” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

C.J. Harris – He sings “Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown Band. With a country song in his hands, C.J. should do well, right? This was better than his first performance, but I am still not impressed. His voice is just not that strong and he should not be in the Top 6 on American Idol 2014!

C.J. Harris, “Whatever It Is” ~ American Idol… by HumanSlinky

Jessica Meuse – She sings “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. This could be another great song choice for the night, but it depends on how Jessica delivers it. How will she do? There were no dance moves needed by Jessica tonight, so the American Idol judges 2014 should be happy! She picked some good songs and did her thing tonight, so I think she will be safe tomorrow night.

Jessica Meuse, “Jolene” ~ American Idol Top 6 by HumanSlinky

The performances on American Idol 2014 are done for tonight. Who are you voting for?

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