The girls had their chance last night and now it is time for the Top 15 Guys on American Idol 2014 to find out their fate, as the American Idol judges 2014 (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.) make even more cuts tonight on American Idol Season 13. We will see ten of the guys take the stage and perform for America’s votes, but after we take a look at them going through Randy Jackson’s boot camp, which I think is a great addition to the show. Follow along with our American Idol 2014 Top 15 Guys Performances Spoilers Live Recap and see videos of the performances as well in our American Idol 2014 spoilers!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Top 15 Guys Perform

Last night on American Idol Season 13, besides seeing the Top 10 Girls on American Idol 2014 perform on the new stage for the live shows, we also got the chance to find out the results of the vote from last week. This was where America decided the fifteenth guy on the show. After the votes were counted, Ben Briley moved on and Neco Starr was eliminated!

Our Live Recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2014 tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2014 Top 15 Guys Performances Spoilers Live Recap or see videos from the performances on American Idol Season 13 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…things kick off with a look back at the performances from last night and all the action. Then the judges come out tonight from the back of the stage, so no audience interaction tonight, even though lots of hand-slapping on the way! Now some words from the judges and lots of time to waste tonight on American Idol 2014, huh?

We see the 15 guys in the chamber, which is a common place this season! Now time to take a closer look at the 15 guys and their journey to this point. Randy Jackson is in the house! Enough time wasted, as it is time to get the name of the first guy singing tonight!

Caleb Johnson – He sings “Stay With Me” by The Faces. He tells Randy he wants to bring rock and roll to the show. He said the workshop will be good for him on working the stage and keeping his eyes open, as he tends to close his eyes when he sings. I love this guy and another great to the show, like Majesty Rose did last night. He is a rocker and he has such a strong stage presence and can work that crowd….soooo good!

Caleb Johnson, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

C.J. Harris – He sings “I Will Shelter You” by Ray LaMontagne. He said his musical interest is like a country soul. He said he did not have a lot of vocal or guitar training and it is just natural to him. Chris Daughtry tells him to drop the guitar and it is screwing him up. However, C.J. takes the stage and guitar is in hand! I think he is a natural, but he needs some work and he is rough around the edges. I would be intrigued to see what the judges can do with him over the season.

C.J. Harris, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Emmanuel Zidor – He sings “The Best Of My Love” by The Emotions. He said he came to the boot camp knowing what he wanted to do and how he would do it and knock it out of the park, but that is not how it went. He said while he is on the stage we better be prepared for the unexpected. Each time I see Emmanuel he grows on me more and more. He has a very good voice and will put on an amazing drag show in Vegas! I would love for him to move on because he would make this fun, but I am not sure.

Emmanuel Zidor, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Sam Woolf – He sings “Babylon” by David Gray. He said his performance was at the sixth grade talent contest. The vocal coaches told him he needed to loosen up and open up to the audience. I really like Sam and his backstory. This was a simple song and nothing too crazy about it, but he sings it well. I see it in him and think he can do well this season.

Sam Woolf, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

George Lovett – He sings “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. Randy asked if he is nervous singing this song and so many people have done it before, but George feels he is going to do his own thing with it. Adam Lambert and the coaches are trying to help him get a balance in the song and letting him let it explode on the stage. This one was rough for me. He is one of those guys they did not show a whole lot of before tonight and I think he needed to nail it, but that was not that great to me. Do you agree?

George Lovett, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Dexter Roberts – He sings “This Ole Boy” by Craig Morgan. He said he was excited to meet with the hair stylists and see if they could fix his hair! He is a jokester and I am liking him. Chris tells him it is all about making the song you own and making it your song. He is a very strong country singer and we all know that American Idol and their fans love country on the show. He has a great personality and will win votes tonight.

Dexter Roberts, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Alex Preston – He sings “Volcano” by Damien Rice. He tells Randy that he can play 11 or 12 instruments! He loves the vibe of this song, which is why he chose it. He is very shy and awkward, so the movement coaches are trying to get him to work on eye contact. I was wondering when the judges were going to call his name, but they finally did and I am beyond excited. His tone and voice is so unique and I love it. He is awesome and a true talent and deserves this! Keith Urban said it was the best song choice of the night and it is right in his thing.

Alex Preston, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Malcolm Allen – He sings “Comin’ Where I’m From” by Anthony Hamilton. He started singing in church when he was six or seven years old. Randy questions transitioning from the church to singing pop songs. He said he has been singing in night clubs and Randy said that will transition to them. Adam Lambert told him to commit to it and overdo everything and if he believes it then the audience will believe it. I feel he was feeling the lyrics and what it was saying, but I was not impressed with the performance. It just didn’t connect with me tonight on American Idol 2014.

Malcolm Allen, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Ben Briley – He sings “Soulshine” by The Allman Brothers. So, the judges could not choose between him and Neco Starr, but they definitely want him in the Top 10 Guys on American Idol Season 13? This is another guy that was not shown a whole lot during Hollywood Week, but he has humor and a good personality and I like it. He is another country singer with a strong voice, so it will be tough for him and Dexter Roberts, but I like him and his style.

Ben Briley, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Spencer Lloyd – He sings “Love Don’t Die” by The Fray. He likes his song choice, but he wants to move away from the security of playing the guitar. Randy Jackson said to stick with the guitar and it is what the judges fell in love with. However, Adam Lambert thought he came alive without the guitar and he listens to him. To be honest, he is very nice to look at, but that is where it ends for me. Good performance, but nothing special. Will his looks get him into the Top 13?

Spencer Lloyd, Top 15 Boys ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

That is it for tonight with the performances on American Idol 2014, which means that Briston Maroney, Casey Thrasher, Ethan Harris, Jordan Brisbane and Maurice Townsend have been eliminated from the competition. What do you think of the judges’ picks tonight?

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