The time has come for Rush Week on American Idol 2014 and the Top 31 on American Idol Season 13 will be working with Randy Jackson, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert to get ready for the live shows on American Idol 2014! This also gives us the chance to get to know the contestants a little bit more and for the American Idol judges 2014 (Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr.) to analyze them more and get ready to eliminate more of them tonight! Watch with us during our American Idol 2014 Top 15 Girls Performances Spoilers Live Recap and see who got eliminated on American Idol 2014 tonight!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Rush Week

Last week on American Idol 2014, we saw the return of the Green Mile and a new way of introducing the Top 31 to us. I was a huge fan of it, as we saw the different singers go in front of the judges and find out their fate. Instead of going through all the final solo performances at one time, the new producers gave us a look at the journey these contestants have been on for the entire season. We saw part of their final performance and I liked that. It gave us a chance to get to know a little more about each singer, especially since we will be voting on them this week!

Our Live Recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2014 tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2014 Top 15 Girls Performances Spoilers Live Recap or see videos from the performances on American Idol Season 13 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we take a look at the new stage and it is very cool and high-tech. We are live folks….finally! The stage is smaller and has a more personal feel to it, like more interaction with the fans in the audience. The girls are being held in a chamber tonight and the judges have reviewed the tapes and will only call forward the ten girls that impressed them the most.

Time for the boot camp with Randy Jackson and time for the Top 31 to work with the vocal coaches, Ricky Minor, stylists, movement coaches for the stage, spiritual advisors and Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. This actually sounds like a great idea and may make these singers ready for the live shows. I am liking it.

Now time for the American Idol judges 2014 to announce the ten girls that will be singing tonight on American Idol 2014!

Majesty Rose – She sings “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. We get a look at her time at boot camp and it is cool. She gets advice from everyone and I am loving this song choice. This is a modern and popular song right now and I am getting goosebumps from her. Her voice is amazing and she is working that crowd, even with the guitar strapped on her shoulders. Great vocals and great performances!

Majesty Rose, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Kristen O’Connor – She sings “Turning Tables” by Adele. Chris Daughtry thinks her voice is great and gives her good tips on working that stage. Just when I am ready to type how bad this, she goes and hits some good notes and betters herself. This is just a disappointment after that first performance by Majesty though. It went from this “Happy” mood to a downer in that studio.

Kristen O’Connor, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol… by HumanSlinky

Briana Oakley – She sings “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. Randy tells her she can lighten it up a bit because sometimes it comes off as too professional. The coaches tell her she is so focused that she is building a wall. The movement coaches say they can hear it in her vocals and what she is singing, but not in her face. I can hear the great vocals from her and think she sounded great, but I agree and her facial expressions should match the tone of the song. She may be excited out there, but the song is too serious for that.

Briana Oakley, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Jena Irene – She sings “Painted Black” by The Rolling Stones. She tells Randy that no one in her family is musically talented. Chris said she needs to work on her confidence and it looks like she is questioning everything that she is doing. What a big move taking on a Rolling Stones song, huh? I really enjoy the tone of her voice and it has this weird sound to it, but I enjoy it. I do want to see her get away from behind that mic stand and work the stage.

Jena Irene, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Bria Anai Johnson – She sings “Wrong Side Of A Love Song” by Melanie Fiona. She thinks this boot camp is going to help her define how her style will be for the show. She tells Randy that her mom tells her she dresses like an appropriate Rihanna. It was a huge song and she sang the crap out of it. Harry said there is a slight difference between big lyrics and shouting it and she was shouting that song on American Idol 2014. Jennifer thinks that she has star written all over her.

Bria Anai, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Marrialle Sellars – She sings “Roar” by Katy Perry. She tells Randy that she cut her hair like this over the summer and it made her gain some confidence. She sings for Adam Lambert and tells her to slow it down and it sounds rushed. What any girl lacked in confidence tonight on American Idol 2014, Marrialle just made up for it. She owned that stage and was working the crowd. She has good vocals, but I look at her and see a star and a black Miley Cyrus! Keith said it all sounded too karaoke to him tonight. Jennifer wanted to see her bring her guitar out and sing it her way.

Marrialle Sellars, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol… by HumanSlinky

Jessica Meuse – She sings “Drink A Beer” by Luke Bryan. Chris said that he wishes he could have played the guitar while on the show, but he thinks her vocals are better than the guitar playing is and America will see that. He wants her to step away from it and take a chance, but she comes out with the guitar in hand. I did not know she sang country songs, so this surprised me. It is an alright vocal, but the song is just slow and a little boring for this point in the competition. Don’t you think?

Jessica Meuse, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Emily Piriz – She sings “Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Randy is worried about her singing this and the judges relating to it. Adam is hoping she amps it up and rocks it out in order to sing it properly. I think she did a great job with the song and seemed very comfortable on that stage. She was having fun and sounded good, so I am a fan, even though we saw lots of her tongue tonight and it was a little awkward.

Emily Priz, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

M.K. Nobilette – She sings “All Of Me” by John Legend. She grew up in San Francisco and said everyone loves everyone and no haters. She said her problem is connecting to the song, which Ricky Minor agrees with and Randy tells her to be that star. This was a very quiet performance, but I liked it. Seeing her loved ones crying in the audience made me cry and I think that will connect to so many voters out there. The crowd definitely loved her and Keith said it was the perfect song choice.

MK Nobilette, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

Before getting to the final performance of the night on American Idol 2014, time to find out the results from America’s vote on the 15th guy. Will it be Ben Briley or Neco Starr moving on? Ryan Seacrest has the results and Ben Briley is moving on, which means Neco Starr is eliminated.

Malaya Watson – She sings “Hard Times” by Ray Charles. She told Randy that she loves being a little different. She wants to put that old funk with new style. Chris Daughtry said her voice is stupid, which is a good stupid. They want her to look up while singing and show her personality, which she says is weird and does not match that song. She is so young, but she felt the lyrics of this song and I loved it. Another goosebumps performance for me!

Malaya Watson, Top 15 Girls ~ American Idol 2014 by HumanSlinky

That is it for tonight! With the performances done, that means we also are saying goodbye to Andrina Brogden, Austin Wolfe, Brandy Neelly, Jillian Jensen and Kenzie Hall. What do you think of the Top 10 Girls on American Idol Season 13? Who are you voting for?

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