We got to see the Top 8 on American Idol 2014 perform another week thanks to the Judges’ Save used last week on American Idol Season 13. For the second week of performances, the Top 8 took on the theme of 80’s Week and it was fun. Jennifer Lopez even poofed up the hair to try and fit in with the theme. Malaya Watson said she loves 80’s music, but would her performance show that love? Check out the Malaya Watson performance on American Idol Season 13 last night below in our American Idol 2014 spoilers!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Top 8 Performances - Malaya Watson

She sings “Through The Fire” by Chaka Khan. David Cook said, if anything, he told her to be more focused. He wants her to find some spots to amp up and not let the audience be so shocked when the chorus hits. It is cool seeing David work with them because he is giving some great advice. The judges and David all seem to love her, but I wasn’t feeling her on this one. She can hit some great notes, but it seemed over-the-top for me.

Keith Urban said there’s never any doubting her vocal ability, but he wants her to lay back into it more rather than anticipating a big note coming up. Jennifer Lopez said she’s so talented and she agrees with Keith that she needs to relax more, because she has the vocal talent to do it. Harry Connick, Jr. said it felt like the entire performance was focused on gearing up towards hitting the high note and that she doesn’t need to focus on that so much.

Check out her performance here:

Do you think Malaya Watson will be safe tonight on American Idol 2014?

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