We saw a new theme on American Idol 2014 this week, as the Top 7 on American Idol Season 13 each sang songs that were picked by their competitors, but it was not sabotage and they actually picked some good song choices for each other. The performances are done and now it is time for Ryan Seacrest to deliver some results on American Idol 2014 tonight! So, who goes home? Find out during our American Idol 2014 Spoilers Top 7 Elimination Results Live Recap and see who got eliminated on American Idol 2014 tonight!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Top 7 Results Show

Last night on American Idol Season 13, I had another night of mixed emotions when it came to these performances. The best of the night, by far for me, was the Jena Irene performanceShe nailed the Radiohead song and left us all with a good taste in our mouth as the last performer of the night. I think she will be safe tonight and could end up being the winner of American Idol Season 13, but it will be a fight with Alex Preston for that crown!

Check out our Live Recap starting soon for the results tonight, but in the meantime check out our predictions on who we think is headed home!


Don’t want to know what happened on our American Idol 2014 Spoilers Top 7 Elimination Results Live Recap or see who went home on American Idol Season 13 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we get everyone in place and take a look at the Top 7 and their post-show meal together. They all loved the show, but did you?

Another video for Ford, as the Ford Mustang is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. They asked the Top 7 what they would do if they had a Mustang for a day and it was kind of humorous.

Now time for some results on American Idol 2014 and up first are Dexter Roberts, Alex Preston and Jena Irene. We take a look back at their performances and some words from Randy Jackson and here we go:

  • Safe – Jena and Alex
  • In Bottom 2 – Dexter Roberts

The next four contestants (C.J. Harris, Jessica Meuse, Caleb Johnson and Sam Woolf) take the stage. They get their feedback from Randy and now for the results:

  • Safe – Caleb, C.J. and Sam
  • In Bottom 2 – Jessica Meuse

That means we have Dexter and Jessica in the bottom two tonight and my reverse psychology did not work and C.J. is safe again…why????

Back with Ryan Seacrest and after the nationwide vote, the person eliminated tonight on American Idol Season 13 is Dexter Roberts!!!

What do you think of the results on American Idol 2014 tonight?

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