The time has come on American Idol 2014 and the final four have moved on after the American Idol results 2014 last night were announced by Ryan Seacrest and it gave us the Top 4 on American Idol Season 13. How could we be down to just the final four now and only a few weeks from learning who wins American Idol 2014! That is crazy, but it did come with an Idol Twist last night! Check out the Top 4 and the details of the Idol Twist below in our American Idol 2014 spoilers!

American Idol Judges 2014 - Season 13

Last night on American Idol 2014, the evening started with Ryan telling us about an Idol Twist, which gave the Top 5 a chance to vote and determine if the results should be thrown out for the night all five of them move on to next week. However, two of them would go home next week. Or they could just keep the results as is and one of them would be eliminated last night.

The issue was that the vote was anonymous and it had to be unanimous with whatever decision they made. The vote ended up 3-2 in favor of everyone moving on to next week, but that is not good enough and the vote had to be unanimous. I am so curious as to the two contestants that voted to send someone home! Either way, we now have the Top 4 on American Idol 2014 in place!

Here are your Top 4 on American Idol 2014:

  • Alex Preston
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Jena Irene

Now time to get a closer look at the Top 4 in our photo gallery from their performances this week! Check them out here:

Click on image for full view

Who is your favorite to be the winner of American Idol 2014?

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