It is time for some more American Idol auditions 2014, as the American Idol judges 2014 make their way from Detroit to Atlanta tonight on American Idol Season 13 to see what kind of talent will come from the South! Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. have already given out 119 Golden Tickets to some pretty good singers, so we have an hour tonight to find out what we can expect from Atlanta! Follow along with our American Idol 2014 Recap and see videos from the American Idol auditions 2014 tonight!

American Idol 2014 Spoilers - Auditions

Last night on American Idol Season 13, the judges were in Detroit and FOX was telling us many times how great of a city Detroit is. I think it was kind of cool to see and trying to showcase the positives in the city and not the normal rundown parts we always see on the news. Overall, the American Idol judges 2014 gave out 40 Golden Tickets and Detroit showed there is more to the Motor City than cars and the Detroit Tigers!

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Our Live Recap is starting soon, including videos of the performances, so stay right here for American Idol 2014 tonight!


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Here we go…the judges have switched up the order tonight with Keith and Harry. First up tonight is Majesty Rose, who is 21 years old, but looks like she is about 12 years old! Then we have 15 years old that look 21! She brings in her flower headband and guitar and has a beautiful voice. Harry said it is a very nice feeling for him to hear something subtle and beautiful. Jennifer said she loves seeing it look so effortless. She gets her ticket to Hollywood!

Majesty Rose – Audition – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Jesse Cline is a little sleepy, after driving eight hours to this audition after working third shift! He has an alright voice, but Harry said that some people have this believability about them and he had that. Keith said he could see it within seconds and he is going to Hollywood!

Jesse Cline – Washed by the Water – American… by IdolxMuzic

Our next singer on American Idol 2014 comes in with a dog! She goes everywhere with Chris Medina, so he brought her to the audition with him. Harry holds her while he sings and he sings very well. I did not see it coming, but he has a strong voice. Keith believed him and he loved it. Harry has a wet spot and dug it! Chris is going to Hollywood.

Chris Medina – Chasing Pavement – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Kristen O’Connor is a nurse tech and feels like she is doing something special when she goes to work. As much as she loves nursing, she wants to make it in the music industry. Emily Piriz has been watching American Idol since Season 1 and has been waiting for her chance to audition and wants that Golden Ticket from the judges. Both girls have some great voices and both will be heading to Hollywood!

Kristen Oconnor & Emily Piriz – Auditions… by IdolxMuzic

They were successful, but would Ben Briley be as successful? He surely doesn’t have the look, but he belts out a good country voice and shocks the judges. They are paying attention to him now! Keith said he loves the sound of his voice. Jennifer said he has a little nasally sound to his voice and he loves it. Harry thinks of gumbo when he heard his voice. They love him and he is going to Hollywood.

Ben Briley – Arms of a Woman – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Nica Nashae said she has the mentality to come in here and give her best and make the American Idol judges 2014 not forget her. I thought she was over-the-top and too much, but the judges loved her and she is going to Hollywood. She was in the room for like 20 seconds!

Nica Nashae – Natural Woman – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Jordan Brisbane is a cook and very quiet! He is 15 years old and he believes he has what it takes to shut the American Idol series down. There is something about this kid that makes you like him. He has a great smile and great personality. Harry said to be careful when he sings runs because people do it better than him. He is the type of person who people will clap at when he takes the stage, even if he sucked, but he is a good singer. Keith thinks he has raw talent and a lot to work around the edges, but the center is there. He is going to Hollywood and he shut it down!

Jordan Brisbane – If I Were Your Man… by IdolxMuzic

Last time American Idol was in Atlanta, they happened to find Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips. He played a concert the other day in Atlanta and Sam Burchfield was in attendance. He is now in front of the judges trying to make it on the show like Phillip. He has that cuteness like Phillip and sings well. Harry thought it wasn’t genuine, but Keith and Jennifer liked him and send him to Hollywood, but Harry doesn’t think he will last.

Sam Burchfield – I Want To Be Like You… by IdolxMuzic

Jessica Meuse is her own kind of style and from a small town in Alabama. She works the little gigs and sings an original song. The original song can hurt or break a singer, but it works for her. It is catchy and she has a Stevie Nicks feel to her voice and I am liking it. Harry said she seems low-maintenance and is cool. Keith said he really likes her a lot. Three yes votes from the judges and she is going to Hollywood.

Jessica Meuse – Blue Eyed Lie – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

After some good auditions, they show us a few of the bad ones on the American Idol auditions 2014. Lauren Ogburn was trying to portray a hard-core female country singer when she walks in. She sings some Reba McEntire and sounds good. She has some good moments and Jennifer said she got goosies on that one. Harry thinks she is over-accessorizing with the clothes, but he likes her singing. She is headed to Hollywood!

Lauren Ogburn – Fancy – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

Neco Starr made it to the Top 40 during Season 11 and Caleb Johnson was there too and both are hoping Season 13 is lucky for them and they make it to the live shows this time around. They both have enough to move to Hollywood, so a second chance for both of them!

Neco Starr and Caleb Johnson – Auditions… by IdolxMuzic

Bria Anai is another 15 year old coming in here on American Idol 2014 and not at all looking so young. She has some crazy purple, sparkly lipstick. It stands way out, but then she starts singing and makes us forget about those lips. She has a very strong voice. Keith said she loves the way she sings. Jennifer loved the lips and loved the singing. Harry said it is impossible she is 15 years old! She gets her ticket to Hollywood!

Bria Anai – One & Only – American Idol 13 by IdolxMuzic

That is it for tonight on American Idol 2014. They had 44 tickets handed out in Atlanta and we are now at 163 total Golden Tickets for Season 13! What did you think of the American Idol auditions 2014 tonight?

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