With a performance by American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez tonighton the Top 9 eliminations results on American Idol 2013, a lot of people might even forget that we are here tonight to see which singer has been voted off American Idol Season 12! It seems that Season 11 had such amazing singers and it is fun seeing them come back to the American Idol stage and perform in front of the new American Idol judges 2013. When all is said and done, tonight on American Idol Season 12, it is all about finding out who survives and who goes home, so don’t miss a thing during our American Idol 2013 Top 9 Elimination Results Live Recap!

American Idol Season 12 - Janelle Arthur

Who do you think it will be going home tonight on Idol? Will it be a guy or girl being voted off? Better question: who do you want to see go home tonight and who do you actually think will go home? I was quite shocked when Curtis Finch, Jr. was eliminated last week on the show! Not that I was a fan, but I thought I would have to deal with him for at least a couple more weeks!

The rankings will be revealed again and do you think Kree Harrison, Candice Glover and Angie Miller will make up the Top 3 for the week or will that change? I am calling it: no changes to the Top 3 (maybe even all season)!


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Here we go…Ryan Seacrest always likes to act like some surprise is coming up, but is there ever one? Casey Abrams will be performing tonight as well! Now a look at the Top 9 performances from last night and some words of wisdom from Jimmy Iovine. Do you like what Jimmy has to say or do you think he is nuts?

Time for some results: Amber Holcomb is asked to stand up first and nothing to report! Why even ask her to stand up then???

The guys take the stage and do a little performance to waste some time and is anyone entertained? I don’t know…something about them just makes me bored!

Paul Jolley is asked to stay and Ryan tells him he has a Paul Jolley Day named for him at home, but then also tells him he is in the bottom 3 tonight! He is going home?

Another waste of time tonight on American Idol 2013: Casey Abrams takes the stage to perform a Beatles song. Didn’t het get kicked off two seasons ago?

Time for the girls to perform tonight on American Idol Season 12. Who will get results afterwards? None because the ladies head back to the couch and Ryan asks Devin Velez to stand up and he is also in the bottom three tonight! Deserving? Next up is Lazaro Arbos and no big shocker, but he is safe!

There is a pause in the results tonight on American Idol 2013 and it is time for Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez to take the stage with Ne-Yo to perform her new single “Tonight.” Do you like it? I enjoyed it and it is way different than anything she did last season! Also, why doesn’t Mariah Carey wear a dress where she can give a standing ovation???

The rest of the results: Kree Harrison is safe, Candice Glover is safe, Angie Miller is safe, Janelle Arthur is safe and Burnell Taylor is safe. That leaves Amber, Paul and Devin in the bottom 3. Do you agree?

The singer up for elimination tonight is Paul! He is now singing for the save, which I doubt the American Idol judges 2013 will use. Do you think they will? The other Top 10 singers were balling for Curtis Finch, Jr. last week, but not any for Paul? Randy Jackson announces the judges were not unanimous and Paul Jolley has been eliminated from American Idol 2013! Do you agree with America’s choice?

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