Tonight is the night and for the first time this season, the Top 10 on American Idol Season 12 will sing live on the American Idol stage and when all is said and done, America will get on their phones and vote for their favorites while the American Idol judges 2013 sit back and watch what the viewers decide. The theme for tonight on American Idol 2013 is Songs for American Idol winners and the Top 10 on American Idol 2013 discuss the theme in the video below!

American Idol Season 12 Top 10

We are in Season 12 of American Idol and I am liking the theme for tonight. The Top 10 will have 11 singers to choose from and they can pick songs from their albums or songs they sang while on the show.

A wide variety of songs that should make for a fun night on American Idol 2013! Check out what the Top 10 think about it here:

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