The big night has arrived for the Top 10 on American Idol 2013 and after they all performed their hearts out last night on American Idol Season 12, it is time to get to the American Idol 2013 Top 10 elimination results and find out who was voted off American Idol 2013 tonight! This is some intense stuff and nothing that the American Idol judges 2013 can do about it tonight! Find out who it will be during our American Idol 2013 Top 10 Elimination Results Live Recap!

AMERICAN IDOL: Burnell Taylor. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

The guys and the girls are finally united as one in the Top 10, so everyone is free game. Will it be a guy or a girl leaving us tonight on American Idol 2013?

Guy or girl, before we get to that tonight we will see performances by both Bon Jovi and by Season 12 winner Phillip Phillips, who has seen some major success since his victory last May. Come watch with us during our American Idol 2013 Top 10 Elimination Results Live Recap and see who gets the boot!


Don’t want to know what happened on the American Idol 2013 Top 10 Elimination Results Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Let’s get started…Phillip Phillips already making a cameo…love it! Nicki Minaj bought a watch today and made it on time! 39 million votes last week, but only 26 million this week. It was broken into two nights last week though.

Let’s start out with a look back at the Top 10 performances from last night and then get some feedback from Jimmy Iovine at the same time. Do we like his feedback?

First results of the night: Ryan Seacrest is breaking down the results big time tonight and I am over it. The first person in the Top 3 tonight is Candice Glover, so she is safe. A new twist this season: they will be giving the Top 3 singers each week, but not what order they came in.

Performance time, as the Top 10 take the stage together to sing “Shine Your Way” from the new movie The Croods. They are a good looking group, right? Is it possible for Curtis to open his eyes when he sings?

For some reason, the mayor of Woodville, Texas comes out and presents a key to the city to Kree Harrison. Don’t they do that during hometown visits? Anyway, Kree is in Top 3 and safe tonight!

Ryan Seacrest in the crowd and trips on the steps and falls into Jane Lynch’s lap! Good stuff, but now time for Bon Jovi to perform. Does anyone really care to see them?

It is sing-off time and the first one to sing is Charlie Askew! For real? He sings his original song “My Sky Blue Diamond” and not gonna lie, it is actually a decent song. He is calm and sitting at the piano and sounds good. For the girls, it is Aubrey Cleland, who sings “Out Here On My Own” and this girl needs to eat a sandwich! Many thought she should still be here, but do they give it to Charlie and his crazy ways? You vote on American Idol and the results will be announced next Wednesday on American Idol 2013!

The reigning champion is back, as Phillip Phillips takes the stage on American Idol 2013 to sing his new single “Gone, Gone, Gone.” All the record sales and he still looks the same!

Back to the results: despite the fact that Lazaro Arbos beat Angie Miller in Florida, she won the rest of the nation and she is the last one in the Top 3 tonight! That means her, Kree and Candice make the Top 3. Thoughts?

The rest of the results:

  • Fourth Place – Lazaro Arbos
  • Fifth Place – Amber Holcomb
  • Sixth Place – Janelle Arthur
  • Seventh Place – Burnell Taylor
  • Eighth Place – Paul Jolley

That means that Devin Velez and Curtis Finch, Jr. are the bottom two. Who do you think will go home tonight on American Idol 2013?

The bottom singer tonight is Curtis, so Devin is safe! He will now sing for the save, which the judges have to be unanimous and can use once this season. Do you think he is in the bottom because of his arrogance? Nicki Minaj makes a scene and pretends to walk off stage pissed. It is not all about you Nicki!

Randy Jackson delivers the news for the American Idol judges 2013: they are not unanimous and he will be going home! Nicki wants more time to discuss it, but no luck! Are you shocked?

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