More hot water for American Idol 2013 or another ploy to keep buzz going for American Idol Season 12? Word on the street now is that American Idol is being sued by nine former contestants of the show and accusing the show of racism. Is this for real? Do you mean to tell me it took Corey Clark ten seasons to file a lawsuit against Idol based on racism?

TMZ has received a letter filed by attorney James H. Freeman with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and I guess it claims that the show is racist for publicly kicking off only black contestants. Really? The former contestants are: Corey Clark (Season 2), Jaered Andrews (Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), Terrell Brittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), Thomas Daniels (Season 6), Akron Watson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8) and Chris Golightly (Season 9). You can see a picture of the guys below from TMZ, if you care to remember them.

In the claim, Freeman states that this all started last season when Jermaine Jones was kicked off American Idol Season 11 after the show found out about outstanding warrants for Jermaine (seems legitimate). If the man is wanted for something, how can he really appear on American Idol? Take care of your business first people!

Well, it looks like Freeman did some investigating and found that only nine other people were kicked off the show publicly and they were all black. So, are they the nine guys mentioned in this suit then? I question this on two reasons: First, why is Jermaine Jones not a part of this lawsuit then? Secondly, what about Frenchie Davis? We all know she was kicked off the show for showing her boobs in the past and she happens to be black.

The case makes no sense to me and I think American Idol 2013 needs to find a new way to bring in the viewers, like focus on the singers that can actually sing and not the drama that they hope will bring in viewers. You are losing people for that very reason!

Photo courtesy of TMZ


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