It is Thursday night again, which means time to find out the American Idol 2013 results and see which of the Top 5 on American Idol Season 12 will be voted off and if they will actually go home or if the American Idol judges 2013 will use the save on them! The Top 5 Girls on American Idol 2013 spoilers have put it all on the line and the judges seemed to love it last night, but how did America vote? Find out with us during our American Idol 2013 Spoilers Top 5 Elimination Results Live Recap and see who was voted off American Idol Season 12 tonight!

American Idol 2013 Spoilers - Kree Harrison

We think tonight ends in one way and one way only, which can be found in our predictions from earlier! If it doesn’t, than who knows what happens from this point forward!

Last night the Top 5 performed and tonight I am sure we will see a group performance from the ladies, but also be prepared for performances from Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken and Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino. Pull up a chair because we are in for an intense hour before finding out those American Idol results 2013! Our Live Recap starts soon!

Here we go…a group performance to start the show, as the Top 5 ladies perform a medley of Donna Summer songs and they are looking good and no screw ups from Lazaro Arbos! Fun performance and now a little break, but results and Clay Aiken after the break on American Idol 2013!

The Ford Fiesta mission and the girls go out on a scavenger hunt to find their final prize, which is some time with Matthew Morrison, who is so dreamy right?

Now for some results and one at a time tonight and first to find out is Angie Miller. Jimmy Iovine said she was technically amazing, but her believability was not there and it could hurt her score, but will it??? I guess we won’t know right now, as Ryan sends her back to the couch and calls up Candice Glover.

We get a surprise visit from Paula Abdul, as she sneaks up on Candice to tell her she did a great job singing her song last night and then takes a seat at the judges’ table and still no results!

We are back and time for Clay Aiken to make his way back to the Idol stage. A look back at his time on the show and what he has done since his time on the show. He talks about his National Inclusion Project and be an ambassador for UNICEF. The song everyone loved from the Season 2 Finale, as Clay sings “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and he has lost some weight and looks a lot younger than his time on Celebrity Apprentice last year!

Clay Aiken perform live ~ American Idol Results… by HumanSlinky

We now get to look back at Janelle Arthur and her performances from last night and a special note from Dolly Parton, who loved her performance of “Dumb Blonde” last night. They say we will get results one at a time, but now they just look at Amber Holcomb and no results again. I guess we wait until the end of the night? The final one to look at tonight is Kree Harrison and the fighting between the judges and Nicki Minaj calling her worldly, but Jimmy thinks she made the wrong choices last night.

Before Fantasia takes the stage, we take a look back at the other diva on Season 3: LaToya London. She did Broadway with Fantasia and now is back working on her own music. Now Fantasia takes the stage to sing her new song “Lose to Win” and she is looking good tonight too on American Idol 2013 and she is sounding good on this song.

Time for the results and the first person safe is Candice Glover. Next one safe is Angie Miller. Next person safe is Amber Holcomb!!! In the bottom two tonight is Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur and we find out who is the bottom and singing for survival after the break. Who will it be???

The person in jeopardy of leaving tonight is Janelle Arthur, so Kree is safe!!! Janelle sings for survival, but will the judges save her? Randy Jackson says the judges are split, so they will not be using the save tonight….WHAT???? Now American Idol Season 12 ends a week early???

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