The powers of social media are sometimes too powerful and little secrets are revealed and American Idol 2013 spoilers are found when the Top 8 on American Idol Season 12 send out tweets of meeting and talking with Smokey Robinson, who happens to be the mentor this week on American Idol 2013 for Motown Week, of course. Maybe the American Idol judges 2013 should start talking to them about their tweeting skills and not their singing skills because no one listens to them anyways!

Smokey Robinson 2013

So, maybe producers wanted the news to get out about Smokey Robinson being a mentor this week on Idol? How could all these tweets come out and no one told the Top 8 to be quiet about it?

Candice Glover tweeted: “Just met the LEGEND that is our mentor this week. Think I got lip gloss on his shirt. #whyme #sonervous”

Devin Velez tweeted: “Meeting Smokie Robinson for the first time was such a pleasure! he’s so nice & genuine! & did I mention that he’s a man of God? #booyah :D”

I guess we know who the mentor is this week on American Idol 2013 Season 12, huh?

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