Talk about some HUGE American Idol 2013 spoilers right here, but could American Idol host Ryan Seacrest be fired from being the face and host of American Idol Season 12? Sources are making that claim and this could mean huge news for the show, if it continues for Season 13! Could FOX fire Ryan Seacrest as host of American Idol 2013?

American Idol 2013 - Ryan Seacrest

Perez Hilton revealed the information on a possible Ryan Seacrest firing from a source that said:

“Producers and TV executives are very concerned about how much lower the show can actually fall. This is bad news. Very bad news … When you are getting beat by Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal in the demo, changes have to be made … One suggestion is going back to square one and finding two industry insider judges, like Simon [Cowell] and Randy [Jackson] were during season one, plus, a Paula Abdul type – someone in the industry past his or her prime. This way they can turn the judges into stars rather than the other way around. Another radical idea is going back to how the show began and finding a young host that isn’t yet a household name. It would save the show a lot of money.”

When ratings are down, you do whatever you have to do to cut costs and Ryan Seacrest would be a huge chunk of money to save for the show. Will it actually happen though?

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