The downfall of American Idol could be happening right before our eyes, as even the American Idol Season 12 Top 10 results show could not help FOX out and the American Idol 2013 ratings continue to spiral downward, but would FOX ever cancel a show like Idol? I think not! Even bad American Idol ratings are still better than good ratings for other shows on FOX.

American Idol Las Vegas 2013

We finally found out who the Top 10 on American Idol 2013 are during the 90-minute special on Thursday night, but when the viewer totals came in FOX was sad to see that not only did it get beat by The Big Bang Theory on CBS (a given), but it was also taken down by Two and a Half Men on CBS (a first this season)!

What does this mean for American Idol 2013: the show still had 12.89 million viewers, which is a good night for FOX. However, the ket demographic is 18 to 49 year olds and those numbers were down 5% from last week! The advertisers want good numbers in that demographic, so if it continues we could see less support for the show in terms of advertisers. No one wants to advertise on a show no one in the main age group are watching.

Do you think American Idol Season 12 should be the end of the line for the singing competition on FOX?

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