Despite all the hype that FOX was giving towards the fight between new American Idol judges 2013 Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, it still didn’t help in the American Idol 2013 ratings and they saw a decline in the second week of Season 12! It is typical for numbers to go down after the premiere, but they weren’t Idol quality numbers t begin with, so things could get scarier as American Idol Season 12 barrels on!


Don’t get me wrong, the ratings are still good for American Idol 2013, but compared to what they used to bring in for FOX, you know they have to be wondering what the problem. For the Charlotte auditions last Wednesday (this episode featured the fight between Mariah and Nicki), it brought in 16 millions viewers. On Thursday night, the judges went to Baton Rouge and found a few possible stars in the making and had 15.6 million viewers watching.

Like I stated, not terrible numbers but not the best either for American Idol 2013. Will they improve when the show heads to Los Angeles and San Antonio tonight? Why do you think numbers are down for Season 12?

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