Even with the Top 9 on American Idol Season 12 performing last night, the American Idol 2013 ratings took a hit and saw even lower numbers than last week and this in a season where the American Idol ratings are not doing well in general! With March Madness starting for NCAA College Basketball, can American Idol 2013 hope for an increase in viewers tonight? Doubtful!

American Idol Season 12 - Paul Jolley

For the night, American Idol 2013 has 12.67 million viewers. That is down 8% from the Top 10 performances show last week! As things move on, shouldn’t the numbers get higher and higher as we get closer and closer to finding out who wins American Idol Season 12?

I guess not and FOX is probably shaking in their boots with the premiere of The Voice Season 4 next week on NBC. They will even go head-to-head one night when the Top 3 take the stage on Idol. Who do you think will win that night?

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