The wait is over and we have arrived at another night of auditions on American Idol 2013, but this time the new American Idol judges 2013 will be making two stops along the way in both Los Angeles and San Antonio. It is the last week of auditions, so expect to see more and more of the rumored Top 40 on American Idol Season 12! Check out the American Idol 2013 preview video below.


Apparently FOX thinks we should be watching the auditions this week, because they are telling us to “Get ready to fall hard” for American Idol. Are you ready to fall hard?

I don’t know if I am ready to fall hard for American Idol 2013, but I do know that I am ready for Hollywood Week to kick off next week and maybe focus on the singers a little bit more. Anyone else agree with me? Check out the American Idol 2013 preview here:

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