She may not have won American Idol Season 11, but Jessica Sanchez is making a name for herself since last season ended and she returned to the Idol stage tonight to sing her new single “Tonight” with Ne-Yo on American Idol 2013. Jessica Sanchez’s new album is titled Me, You and The Music and from the sounds of this single it might be nothing we would expect from Jessica! Check out Jessica Sanchez perform her new single on American Idol Season 12 below!

American Idol 2013 - Jessica Sanchez Performance

If you all remember Jessica Sanchez from last season, she would often sing the big ballads and sing them quite well, She may be a tony little thing, but she has a huge voice. For her single “Tonight” she seems to have moved to the more upbeat side of things and I enjoyed it!

The song has a great beat and it is something you would hear maybe in a club and get some people on the dance floor. You can’t go wrong with Ne-Yo though, right? Check out Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2013 below:

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