Curtis Finch, Jr. may have wowed the new American Idol judges 2013 during Hollywood Week, but did anyone else besides me just completely lose all respect they had for this guy during American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week? He comes off as a prissy, bitchy diva and I am having none of it. Yes, American Idol Season 12 is a competition, but you always get what you give and I don’t think America will be voting for Curtis Finch, Jr. during the American Idol 2013 live shows!


During group performances, Charlie Askew was not feeling well and instead of being concerned, Curtis Finch, Jr. said he could help him pack his bags for home and he was only concerned about himself. Well, you should have been concerned about others because Charlie is still in the competition and I hope he takes Curtis out of the show!

Curtis does have a nice voice, but I am not saying great. He tries to hard and it be too much at times. He reminds me of Joshua Ledet from American Idol Season 11 and I didn’t enjoy him either! Check out Curtis Finch, Jr. perform his solo from American Idol last night:

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