American Idol 2013 goes to Las Vegas

Last night featured the shift for American Idol 2013 from Hollywood over to Las Vegas for the next round in the competition. All that remains now is the Top 40 singers and they’ll face off for their chance to be crowned the next American Idol.

Just as we’ve seen in past seasons there were an even number of boys and girls selected with a Top 20 of each. The big challenge will be to see if a girl can finally take home the Idol crown for 2013 but we’re still months away from that.

Next week when American Idol returns the singers will find themselves in Las Vegas performing for a live studio audience for “one song, one chance” which means big pressure and plenty of drama. Watch the promo clip before to get ready!

The boys and girls will remain divided for performances next week but they’ll be switching off nights so no more entire weeks of one before the other. There are even some American Idol spoilers out there on who will perform each of the four nights ahead for Las Vegas so expect more details on that soon.

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